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Tricia is a multimedia journalist who joined CBC in 2014.

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Nenshi says federal parties shouldn't take Calgary for granted, despite its voting record

The city today launched YYC Matters, a civic campaign that pins down politicians on key platform issues with the aim of helping citizens decide whom to vote for.

How one boy's love of cowboy culture inspired a book for royal baby Archie and hospitals across Canada

A made-in-Alberta children's book will be delivered to England's royal baby Archie later this month, and 230 copies will be donated to children's hospitals across Canada in his honour.

AHS to launch anti-vaping pilot program for junior high students

Dr. Karla Gustafson, medical health officer with AHS, says there's been a rapid and worrisome increase in vaping among youth, owing in part to the perception that vaping is safer than smoking.

SAIT students invent flying emergency rescue vehicle, codenamed Skywalker

The quadcopter, inspired by the events of 9/11, is designed to move up, down and sideways to extract people from highrise buildings in dangerous situations.

Calgary mulls new rules, fees for Airbnb and other short-term rentals

Ward 7 Coun. Druh Farrell says Airbnbs and the home-sharing economy are growing in popularity, and it's time for the city to step in to ensure the safety of guests and property owners.

Unwanted leftovers find new homes with Calgary food-sharing app

A new food-sharing app is fighting food waste by connecting extra food with hungry Calgarians.

Observe the wrath that lightning wrought on this Calgary home

A bolt of lightning struck the roof of a bungalow in University Heights this week, blowing out the windows and frying the electrical system.

Calgary women-only club helps lonely adults make friends

Jessica Painter didn't know anyone in Calgary besides her husband and her dog when she first moved here, and as she struggled to make friends in a strange, new city, she realized she wasn't alone. So she created In Her Circle to help women find friends.

Q&A with Janice MacKinnon, architect of proposed path to balanced budget in Alberta

Former Saskatchewan finance minister Janice MacKinnon explains how the panel she chaired arrived at its 26 recommendations, which touch all areas of government spending and call for deep cuts, in some instances.

Calgary judge stays B.C. lawsuit against Alberta turn-off-the-taps legislation

Calgary Court of Queen's Bench Justice R.J. Hall has ruled the lawsuit should be heard in the Federal Court, not in Alberta's superior court.

Tornado tore through garage, tossed bale stacker 200 m in southern Alberta

A tornado destroyed a garage, tossed a bale stacker about 200 metres and sent a large tree branch through the wall of a house in southern Alberta on Thursday afternoon, Environment Canada said Friday.

Too many cooks won't be a problem as new shared professional kitchen opens

Having too many cooks in this southeast industrial kitchen isn't likely to be a problem. In fact, the owners are banking on it as a recipe for success.

Backyard chickens could be coming to this southern Alberta county

Kneehill County, located just northeast of Calgary, is considering changing its bylaws after residents expressed an interest in keeping the birds on their property.

Alberta now has 1 year to fix its Mental Health Act after court rules it violates basic rights

An Alberta Justice has ruled six sections of the law to be unconstitutional after reviewing the case of a man who was detained 9 months and medicated against his will.

Man seriously assaulted near Calgary Safeway in life-threatening condition

Calgary police are investigating after a man in his 40s was found in a northeast Safeway parking lot in medical distress after what police believe was a serious assault.