Alberta Health promises a 'building year' to reform seniors care at home and in facilities

Thursday's budget included only a small increase to home care, but Health Minister Jason Copping says there's much more to come.
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What I learned when I moved in with my grandmother during the pandemic

Colin Smith describes what happened when he moved in with his grandmother during the pandemic. What started as a sacrifice became a gift, he writes.

'A whole day off': Free adult day programs are as much for the caregiver as for the frail

Alberta funds thousands of day spaces for frail adults across the province. But many families struggling to cope have no clue, says this program manager.

Behind the story: Why and how CBC decided to focus on family caregiving

This CBC Alberta project started with an effort to empower family caregivers to tell their own stories, seeking to understand work that's both natural and often invisible.
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I often feel like an invisible caregiver when talking to health-care workers

I love my adult children and elderly mom; I love caring for them, writes Jennifer Oujla. But it’s a job made infinitely more difficult when dismissed by the health-care team.

Too far, too big, too dangerous — families pitch alternative to large care homes ahead of budget

A 10-bed care home just down the street — that's what these families of dementia patients say they want for their loved ones. They'll be watching Thursday's budget for signs of hope.

Quit or get fired — Survey finds 1 in 20 family caregivers overwhelmed by competing demands

Pay the bills or care for her sick child. As a single mom, Tracy Oliver says that choice felt impossible.
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3 broken ribs took down my mother. They almost took me down, too

When her strong, stoic mother falls backward and breaks her ribs, Angeles Espinaco-Virseda finds herself thrust into additional roles of nurse and caregiver. It's left her with questions.
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My husband was diagnosed with dementia at 48, and I felt like fleeing

We watched his mother break under the burden of caring for his father. Then John was diagnosed, writes Cindy McCaffery.

Fetch the black bag! Calgary doctors now make house calls for home-bound seniors

The house calls are a throwback to another era — "slow medicine," as one doctor calls it.
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I'm stronger than I think. How I learned to push back against my husband's misdiagnosis

Endlessly searching the internet for help and answers — that’s been Dianne Bertold’s life as she tries to support her husband through a misdiagnosis of dementia. Here’s her story.

'Replicate the heck out of it': MLA Gotfried argues there's an urgent need to innovate in elder care

"Quite frankly, look at the demographic challenge that we're facing," says the United Conservative MLA who oversaw Alberta's continuing care review.
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My husband got sick and the burden of care landed on me. I'm not always selfless

It took years for me to admit that I am not always a selfless, patient caregiver even though I deeply love my husband, writes Sushila Samy.

Facing culture shock at 75-plus: New multicultural coach aims to help families with immigrating grandparents

Thousands of elderly immigrants — 75 and older — move to Canada every year, taking on the challenge of adapting to a new culture in their later years. A new multicultural coaching program in Alberta is trying to help.

Guilt, love and dedication: Caregivers share stories from across Alberta through CBC's call-in show

On Alberta@Noon Monday, Albertans shared their stories of trying to make aging in place a reality.
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I feel guilty for checking my mother into long-term care against her will

Karen Wilson writes about the heartache of seeing her mom lose independence in the face of aggressive Alzheimer’s.
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My dad now makes risky choices and I need to accept the role reversal

I see vulnerability; my father sees autonomy. Here’s what I’ve learned trying to support this strong-willed, independent member of the silent generation.

Residential school generation forced off reserve again due to funding shortage in long-term care

When today's First Nations elders were young, many were forced to leave their home communities to stay in residential schools. Now that forced exit is happening again, due to a shortage of long-term care beds on some reserves.

Two women stretched thin share what they've learned caring for loved ones in Alberta

What have you found the most helpful? One caregiver to another, two women share the lessons they've learned while caregiving.

Insiders see major shift coming to the way Alberta cares for the frail

Advocates say they're watching closely because there's a risk. When people grow frail or ill outside of a care facility, the burden of care can fall heavy on family.