Tobogganing bylaw in Calgary lists only 18 legal locations

Fresh snow means slipping and sliding down Calgary hills, but if you toboggan on an undesignated hill you could be handed a $100 bylaw ticket.

Sledding elsewhere could bring $100 fine

Tobogganing fines

8 years ago
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Tobogganing outside approved hills in Calgary could result in a fine.

It's a favourite winter pastime for many, but did you know that tobogganing in undesignated areas in Calgary could land you a ticket?

There are 18 designated spots in Calgary for the popular winter activity. Sledding anywhere else is illegal and could land you a $100 fine.

Todd Reichardt, an employee of Calgary's parks department, said the city has not issued any tickets to rogue tobogganers. He said the city's aim in restricting the activity to approved sites is to ensure a safe experience for sledders. 

"We have our staff go out weekly (and) they will inspect the sites to determine there is nothing impeding the toboggans as they go down the hill, " he said.

Reichardt added that city staff will get rid of any jumps that are built on the tobaggan hills.

Delano Civitarese has been coming St. Andrew's Heights for years. He says it's one of the better tobogganing hills in the city.

"When I was younger just going off those jumps with friends sticking like four or five people on one toboggan and just having fun." 

Civitarese had no idea the bylaw existed.

1,100 Albertans injured last year

"I think it's pretty dumb. We're the ones putting ourselves at risk, right? I mean there should be no sort of enforcement on something like tobogganing."

Personal injury lawyer Stephen Nelson says this is all about liability, but he's never come across a lawsuit involving a tobogganing injury in Alberta in his 35 years practising law.

"People in Canada know you fall off a toboggan when you down a hill and there's a chance of risk and everyone assumes that risk so there's no liability in normal situations."

Nelson said there was a recent case in Ontario but the claimant was unsuccessful

Last year roughly 1,100 Albertans visited the emergency room for tobogganing injuries. The highest number of those injuries were youth aged five- to 17-years-old.

As outlined in the Parks and Pathways Bylaw, it is prohibited to toboggan or sled downhill in any park except in the parks listed below:

  • Big Marlborough Park dry pond - 6021 Madigan Dr. N.E.
  • Confederation Park - 2800 10th St. N.W. (north side of park immediately west of Rosemont Community Centre).
  • Deerfoot Athletic Park - 14th Avenue and 16A Street N.E.
  • Glendale Park - 25 Avenue and 45th Street S.W. (west side).
  • Kingsland dry pond - Heritage Drive S.W. behind the Rose Kohn and Jimmie Condon arenas.
  • Maple Ridge dry pond - Mapleglade Close S.E.
  • Marlborough Community Association - 636 Marlborough Way N.E.
  • McKenzie Towne​ ​- 160 McKenzie Towne Dr. S.E.
  • Monterey Park - Catalina Boulevard and California Boulevard N.E. (northeast corner only).
  • Prairie Winds Park - 223 Castleridge Blvd. (north side of hill).
  • Richmond Green - 33rd Avenue and 25 Street S.W.
  • Royal Oak - 50 Royal Birkdale Dr. N.W. (north side of hill).
  • Rundle dry pond - 4120 Rundlethorn Dr. N.E. (behind Rundle Elementary School).
  • Sacramento dry pond - Sacramento Drive and 104th Avenue S.W.
  • Scarboro - 15th Avenue and 16th Street S.W.
  • Signal Hill - Sirocco Drive and Signal Hill Heights S.W.
  • St. Andrew's Heights - 2504 13th Avenue N.W.
  • Stanley Park - 4011 1A Street S.W.


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