Thousands of flood-postponed cases appear in Calgary court

The Calgary Courts Centre was much busier than usual Wednesday as many cases postponed when floodwaters hit downtown Calgary last month resumed this morning.

Judges, lawyers and clients try to catch up after flooding caused weeks of delays

Judges, lawyers and clients are trying to catch up after flooding caused weeks of delays. 1:53

The Calgary Courts Centre was much busier than usual Wednesday as many cases postponed when floodwaters hit downtown Calgary last month resumed this morning.

Almost 6,000 people had their court appearance moved to today.

Dealing with both traffic and criminal charges, nearly all of the seats in the gallery were full and clerks had piles of papers stretching across a few desks.

Paralegal Emmerson Brando expected a very long and "astronomically busy" day.

"Everybody's been very accommodating at this courthouse," he said. 

"I don't think we can fault anybody. Here the staff at the courthouse and judges have gone above and beyond to do what they can."

Depending on the charge, people who missed their appearance today could have a warrant issued for their arrest.