Calgary: The Road Ahead


OPINION | Why Alberta won't have a PST without electoral reform

The best way to finally bring in a provincial sales tax in Alberta might be with something that’s nearly as unpopular with elected politicians as the provincial sales tax: proportional representation, Max Fawcett writes in this opinion piece.

OPINION | For the love of Canmore: A proposed development threatens to upset the balance

As a university student, it is difficult to imagine a future in which I can afford to live in the community where I was born and raised, says Robin Pollard.

Budget 2021: A missed opportunity (again)

Instead of starting the long process of building a more resilient budget, the government opted to gamble on oil — as Alberta’s governments typically do, says economist Trevor Tombe.
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Black History Month: I wish marketers would stop doing this every February

It’s so frustrating to see organizations receive praise for amplifying Black voices in February only to be completely silent for the other 337 days of the year, says Tomi Ajele.

OPINION | 'Comfortable martyrdom' on display as churches defy government COVID-19 orders

They know that their punishments will be light, that fundraising campaigns will more than pay their fines, and that their rejection of authority appears heroic to their base, says writer and Anglican cleric Michael Coren.

OPINION | It's time to reconsider Alberta's weak mayors

Political advisor Najib Jutt wonders whether Alberta's big cities would be better off with stronger mayors.

Lessons for Alberta from the Texas power blackout

What happened in Texas this week? Who's to blame? And what lessons can Alberta take from this event?
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Black History Month inspires a father to think about the world his daughter will grow up in

This year, Black History Month has a special significance for Washington, D.C., lawyer and former Lethbridge resident Julian SpearChief-Morris. He and his wife were just blessed with the arrival of their first child.

OPINION | Transformation of Glenbow and Arts Commons a rare opportunity

If ever there was an opportunity to elevate downtown Calgary’s status as a major cultural destination for locals and visitors, this is it, as both Arts Commons and the Glenbow undergo major makeovers.
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African Americans helped build Alberta, this contribution must be recognized

After well over 100 years of contributing to the development and success of Canada’s Prairie provinces, we are still considered less-than-equal Canadian-born citizens, says educator Deborah Dobbins.

OPINION | An insider's guide to the weird 'dinosaurs' occupying Calgary's office towers

If you are wondering why Calgary's office towers are filled with people who don't think like you, you should see what they read, says oil executive and writer David Yager.


OPINION | Reinstating the Alberta coal policy does not mean the end of coal mining

In reinstating the 1976 Alberta coal policy, the province has not restored the status quo, says natural resources law professor Nigel Bankes.


OPINION | It's time to take action against growing extremism in Alberta

Alberta must act now to limit the progression of hatred and violence in our province, says Claire Porter Robbins.

OPINION | Lots on the line in Alberta as parties, and possibly the country, choose new leaders

The next provincial election is over two years away, but a number of important events appear on this year’s electoral calendar that pose a unique set of challenges for provincial parties of all stripes, says political scientist Jared Wesley.

OPINION | We've mourned the Keystone XL pipeline, now it's time to move on

Keystone XL won't save Alberta oil jobs, and losing it won't kill jobs that weren't dying anyway, says former energy analyst Samir Kayande.

OPINION | How provincial politics could complicate this year's municipal elections in Alberta

The next provincial election is over two years away, but a number of important events appear on this year’s electoral calendar that pose a unique set of challenges for provincial parties of all stripes, says political scientist Jared Wesley.

OPINION | Why we need to sue the government more often

Our charter rights will protect us only if we are willing to fight for them to the fullest extent of the law, says law student Charlotte Dalwood.

OPINION | Beyond Keystone XL, U.S. policy poses challenges for Alberta oil sector

In both the policies that the new president has outlined, and the political appointments he has made, Joe Biden is lining up for a full court press on vehicle electrification, and Alberta must recognize this new reality, says Sara Hastings-Simon.


OPINION | Hey Alberta, how is it going so far?

The Keystone XL cancellation is just the latest piece of proof that the UCP spun a fantasy in 2019 that it now can't make real, says Jen Gerson.

OPINION | Ottawa needs to fight more effectively for the carbon tax

In an environment where misinformation thrives, and where one side has repeatedly shown its willingness to spread it about the carbon tax, the Trudeau Liberals may have to fight fire with something other than wood, says Max Fawcett.

COVID denialism and the Alberta context

With small but persistent protests against pandemic restrictions, it's worth looking at why that opposition exists and why Alberta might be in a perfect place to nourish the kind of thinking that drives it.

OPINION | Alberta, get ready for higher taxes

Albertans are about to pay higher taxes, says economist Trevor Tombe. And yes, that could include a PST and a provincial carbon tax.

OPINION | Some advice to Kenney's next chief of staff

"If you don’t think humility and contrition are needed, go sit in a bunch of swing-voter focus groups.” Ken Boessenkool, former adviser to numerous conservative politicians, offers a memo to the Alberta government’s next chief of staff.

OPINION | The signs of a long-term recovery are taking hold in Calgary

We will play a significant part in solving today’s biggest global challenges — cleaner energy, safe and secure food, improved transportation of people and goods and better health solutions, says Calgary Economic Development CEO Mary Moran.

OPINION | Bridging the electricity gap between Alberta and B.C. makes perfect climate sense

Connecting the provinces is an opportunity to use B.C.’s hydro flexibility to enable more wind and solar to be built in Alberta, resulting in lower GHGs, according to professors Mark Jaccard and Blake Shaffer.

OPINION | Nature as a solution for what ails us

As Canada embarks on a massive effort to address climate change and the loss of nature, nature-based solutions hold the promise of tackling the economic and ecological challenges we face today, says strategist Stephen Legault.
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From generation to generation: Connecting during COVID-19

I met Ellen through an outreach program that supports older adults living in the community. The program sent out an urgent request for volunteers to check in on older adults by phone and fend off an epidemic of loneliness after restrictions were imposed in Alberta in March.

OPINION | What we don't know about COVID-19 is hurting us

Our failure to collect data on race and ethnicity despite decades of researchers pushing for its inclusion has led to an inequitable health system that fails our diverse population, says Dr. Tito Daodu.