Calgary: The Road Ahead


OPINION | Calgary can become a cleantech capital within a decade. Here's how

Imagine in 2020, in the midst of both a pandemic and oil-price crash, that Calgary made a big bet — a bet that its future would honour its past, leverage its strengths and overcome its challenges.

OPINION | Growing resilience: What could a secure food system look like?

COVID-19 is emptying shelves, forcing dairy farmers to dump milk, shutting down meat packing plants and leaving many of us worried about food shortages. The pandemic shows food security concerns are real.

OPINION | Still waiting for Alberta to get the memo on climate-conscious investing

If Alberta wants the cash to start flowing again from investors like Norway’s government pension fund, the province and its leadership needs to stop picking fights and start embracing the realities of a decarbonizing global economy.

OPINION | For Alberta, the potential of geothermal energy is clear, if it's done right

The failure to launch a robust geothermal sector in the province, despite decades of discussion, points to real barriers that need to be addressed if Alberta wants to capitalize on this clean growth opportunity.

The 1918 Spanish Flu: Calgary's first pandemic

Those now in isolation, in mourning, under care or providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic can draw comfort knowing that others in our city once went through similar circumstances.

OPINION | Hey, Calgary, it's time to rethink the lawn

As a society, we’re obsessed with grass. But a growing buzz of horticulturists, landscape designers, ecologists and biologists are urging us to give up on neatly cut grass, put away the mower and learn to love dandelions.

OPINION | New Zealand's COVID-19 'success' looks a little different from the inside

New Zealand got a lot of things right, but it’s not the utopia the coronavirus-infected world is searching for.

OPINION | Alberta's public pension fund manager is broken. Here's how we fix it

If the provincial government doesn't make changes to the Alberta Investment Management Corporation, it will quickly discover that nothing organizes people faster than messing with their pensions.

Calgary, already bloodied, now requires more help than other cities

Calgary was battered even before the COVID crisis struck, with empty towers, high unemployment and not many solutions in sight. Now, it faces a unique set of challenges that calls for even more help from the province and Ottawa.

For Alberta, the day of fiscal reckoning has arrived

After the dust from this health crisis settles, we’ll need to have an open and honest discussion about our budget and our future, says economist Trevor Tombe.

OPINION | Calgary Stampede: More than just a rodeo

Beyond the money and the bucking broncos, what a lot of people don’t realize is that one of Canada’s largest and most diverse arts festivals has also just been cancelled.

'This is just another part of our story': Anxious brides-to-be find support (and tips) online

A Facebook page has turned into a virtual support group for brides-to-be facing the challenges of organizing a wedding during a pandemic.

OPINION | When a barrel of oil costs less than a cup of coffee, we have to store it

Former Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean says the solution to riding out fluctuations in energy prices is to have the government buy and store oil when prices crater and then sell it back into the market when those prices recover.

OPINION | A COVID-19 smackdown: why rule breakers need to be punished

It would be a mistake to assume that the reason people don’t follow the rules is because they don’t know about them, or don’t have enough information to follow them.

Dissent in the time of COVID

New bills that give extraordinary power to cabinet ministers, rushed budget approvals and lashing out at critics show dissent is critical in the midst of a crisis.

CBC News poll: Why the economic crisis could speed up transition to renewable energy

A new poll for CBC News suggests 79 per cent of Albertans think the province should transition toward renewable energy.

OPINION | During a pandemic, Alberta imposes a needless burden on doctors

Physicians know how to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Don’t make them inefficient in a pandemic by changing fee codes.
Point of View

Love (and medicine) in the time of COVID-19

As first-year medical students who have only just begun our journeys as healers, our role is to listen and learn. It can be frustrating to watch from the sidelines as our physician mentors charge heroically into battle, knowing it is too early for us to join.

OPINION | On orphan wells, dine-and-dash should not be the business model

For decades, conservative governments in Alberta allowed oil and gas companies to pump profits into their pockets before dumping the mess on others.

OPINION | COVID-19: The future is here, now we must be resilient, nimble and smart

"I have faith in social cohesion, but the line between human civility and baseness is a thin one' — Aritha Van Herk, author and historian, on the sacrifices and challenges to come.

CBC News Poll: In experts we trust (at least, more than we used to)

A new poll for CBC News suggests that even before COVID-19 spread across the globe, Albertans’ trust in experts was on the rise.

OPINION | CBC News Poll: More autonomy isn't on the agenda for most Albertans, especially given Covid-19

Even before the impact of COVID-19 became clear, before the conciliatory tones at the podiums and this new imperative for interprovincial and federal co-operation, Albertans showed little support for the fair deal proposals.

CBC News poll: Albertans were hurting financially even before COVID-19

CBC News poll finds half of Albertans say their financial situation has worsened over the past year, and half say they are already having trouble paying their bills.

CBC News poll: Albertans were already anxious. Then, the floor dropped out

A new CBC News poll finds that seven in 10 Albertans think the provincial economy is getting worse.

OPINION | It's time to act on rural internet access

Our internet depends on many intricate layers of wired and wireless infrastructure that were built to handle predictable flows in human activity. But with millions of Canadians working and learning from home, these peaks will inevitably be longer, more frequent and less predictable.

OPINION | Keystone XL is Jason Kenney's $7.5B bet

As Alberta invests billions in a pipeline, it’s very likely that governments elsewhere will be investing their billions in efforts to shift us away from the products that pipeline will carry.

OPINION | COVID-19: Lessons for business owners from the Calgary flood

Some tips for employing what we learned in the flood and subsequent disasters to help your businesses recover again.

OPINION | It's time to rediscover the joys of walking

Over the past week, I have seen more people walking in Calgary than ever before. I hope this will be a lesson for them to incorporate more walking into their everyday lives on a permanent basis.