Calgary: The Road Ahead


OPINION | NDP climate plan tries (and fails) to carve out middle ground

As part of his ongoing series evaluating all the major federal parties' climate plans, economist Andrew Leach says the policies identified in the NDP plan might be popular, but they simply won’t generate the levels of emissions reductions promised.

OPINION | The conversation Calgary needs to have: How does an oil city adjust to a new reality?

Max Fawcett says Calgary has done it before, and it can do it again. But if it doesn’t, the city’s future may look more like Detroit’s present than anyone in the past ever thought possible.

OPINION | What happens if Albertans keep praying for another oil boom, but God has none left to give?

Max Fawcett says there’s nothing any Canadian politician can do to arrest the technological, economic and environmental changes that are reshaping the oil and gas industry’s future.

OPINION | What's really holding back the oilsands? It's not the bill of goods you're being sold

There are four major issues affecting the oilsands: declining price outlooks, market access, a reduction in investment and climate change pressures.

OPINION | Paula Simons: What it's like as a reporter embedded in the Canadian Senate

Paula Simons used to joke that she'd never join any club (or political party) that would have her as a member. Now, here she is, an honourable senator.

OPINION | Ed Whittingham: Let's make it less lonely in the 'radical middle'

Ed Whittingham says that being a rational and pragmatic environmentalist means that on a good day he is getting sniped at equally by the hard left and the hard right.

OPINION | Green Line revisited: Why these former transit managers now say buses are better than rail

It is probably too late, but the City of Calgary should consider constructing the Green Line as a bus rapid transit (BRT) route rather than light rail transit (LRT).

OPINION | What the hell happened to Charles Adler?

What happens when your conscience is no longer in step with your public image? Michael Coren knows a thing or two about that.

OPINION | Conservative climate plan is cloaked in mystery, choked with irony

Andrew Scheer's plan offers more questions than answers, questions to which provincial leaders and Canada's business community would be demanding answers, if they thought he was serious about implementing it.

Want to buy an EV? Slow down there, we're in Alberta

If you are one of the few Albertans itching to join the electric vehicle (or plug-in hybrid) club, you might find yourself struggling to be able to get the car you want.

Why earnings in Alberta have been stagnant for years

What's behind our stagnant earnings? Will we return to pre-recession highs? And what can government do to help? Economist Trevor Tombe crunches the numbers.

OPINION | Greens' climate plan adds up to Mission: Improbable

Andrew Leach says the Green Party's new climate plan would radically transform Canada's economy in a frighteningly short period of time.

The fragility of a 'big tent' conservative party

The conservative movement in Canada, federally and provincially, has a history of splitting into different political parties and then reuniting. The UCP is just the latest example.

$500-million BMO Centre is not going to turn Calgary into a top-tier convention city

Richard White says a study should have been done to determine Calgary’s potential as a major convention, trade show and event centre and how best to utilize existing and expanded facilities before megabucks were given for expansion of the BMO Centre.
Stampede Special

Searching for Calgary's true country heart

There's one ingredient missing if the Stampede City wants to be considered a true country music mecca: Calgary has no honky-tonk.
Point of View

Paula Simons: My Canada includes Alberta

The independent senator and former journalist says we shouldn't let the whiners and quitters take over our political discourse.

How to create a new Calgary neighbourhood in 12 not-so-easy steps: Part 3

Building new communities is a risky, high stakes business that can take 25-plus years from land acquisition to completion. It isn't for the weak of heart.

How to create a new Calgary neighbourhood in 12 not-so-easy steps: Part 2

Building new communities is a risky, high stakes business that can take 25-plus years from land acquisition to completion. It isn't for the weak of heart.

How to create a new Calgary neighbourhood in 12 not-so-easy steps: Part 1

Building new communities is a risky, high stakes business that can take 25-plus years from land acquisition to completion. It isn't for the weak of heart.

Oilpatch feels 'crushed' as it moves one step forward, two steps back 

Frustration, disappointment, uncertainty and distrust. That sums up the mood of some oil and gas leaders after a tumultuous month that saw the re-approval of a controversial pipeline project and the passing of legislation seen as unfriendly to the industry.

OPINION | On Trans Mountain pipeline, well done

It’s nice every once in a while to say to political leaders, ‘Well done.’ The federal government’s approval of the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and what came with it, is one of those times.

Calgary lagging behind on transit-oriented development

If the future of urban living in North American cities is linked to creating vibrant, dense communities next to LRT stations, why isn't Calgary fast tracking TOD development?

Behind the bluster of Calgary's great tax debate, 2019 edition

Finger-pointing, protests, calls for city council to be fired and close-up photos of tax bills have been the defining moments of Calgary's great tax debate, 2019 edition. But there's complexity behind the scenes that eschews easy blame and bluster.

How Calgary's 'built for speed' playground zones punish people for doing what comes naturally

Even in Elbow Park — home to the most-ticketed playground zone in Calgary — area residents say speeding remains a problem, so some safety advocates say more enforcement isn't the best solution.

Northeast Calgarians wonder why their playground zones get so much less speed enforcement

The extra-long playground zone along Elbow Drive S.W. sees the most speed enforcement in Calgary, and it stands in stark contrast to many others in the city, like the one along Valleyview Road N.E.
CBC Investigates

Calgary has 1,200 playground zones. Most speeding tickets are issued in just these 10 spots

There are roughly 1,200 playground zones in Calgary but the majority of photo-radar tickets are issued in just 10 of those locations, according to a CBC analysis of three years' worth of police data.

OPINION | The more I visit Calgary's new Central Library, the less I like it

Yes, Calgary’s new Central Library has received international design praise, but I have to wonder if these out-of-town reviewers were only interested in how it looks and not how it functions.

OPINION | Why Kenney's honeymoon popularity may last less than 9 months

Jason Kenney should savour these days, political analysts say, as the "glow that comes with winning" almost invariably gets tarnished by the weight of governing.