Taylor Lambert


Taylor Lambert is a Calgary journalist and the author of Rising: Stories of the 2013 Alberta Flood. His book Darwin's Moving was awarded the City of Calgary's W.O. Mitchell Prize for 2017.

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Londoner who shared final months on Twitter dies of cancer

A Londoner known for uninhibitedly recounting his journey of life with cancer on social media has died. 

A 'night of fun' costs the city up to $10K in repairs at Greenway Park

Londoners who play on one of the soccer fields at Greenway park will have to wait an extra month to get back on the turf after it was torn up.  

London honours Western students killed in Iran plane crash

More than 500 community members gathered at Western University's Alumni Hall to honour the lives of the four students who were killed when a Ukranian Airlines plane crashed in Iran last week.  

London tries to get ahead of gypsy moth infestation

Arborists, deployed by the City of London, are on the hunt for gypsy moth egg masses in an attempt to alleviate the infestation of the larvae in the Byron neighbourhood. 

Council balks at Mo Salih's bid to choose his replacement on the police board

Councillor Mo Salih is leaving the London Police Services Board in an attempt to make more way for women, but his recommendation of electing Coun. Cassidy was shut down in hopes that other councillors get a chance to put their names down.

Change may be coming for couples separated in long term care

A London man is hopeful his parents can reunite in long term care if the provincial Till Death Do Us Part Act passes.

Meet the Londoner brightening people's day with hand-painted rocks

Coloured rocks with kind messages have started to appear on parks, playgrounds and stores around the city. Meet the Londoner behind the initiative that aims to spread kindness and encouragement around the city.

Why a donated Christmas tree is the ultimate gift for this family

After moving into the shelter's second-stage housing apartment complex last year, Melissa Crosby and her 3-year-old daughter were almost set for Christmas. All they were missing was a tree, until an orgnization gifted them with a tree that had been donated to them.

London family fearful after house gets egged for third time

The Sultani family doesn't understand why their house in the Westmount area has been egged multiple times.

Councillor tempers 'rumours' after petitions circulate opposing home for people in crisis

A London city councillor is calling for calm after petitions have circulated in favour and against a stabilization space, which would be located at a house in a residential neighbourhood, to help people who are experiencing a crisis. 

Struggling London woman says Salvation Army hamper will allow her children to have a good Christmas

After being re-diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, Mitchell, a widowed mother of three, was left without work and ended up lining up with hundred others waiting to receive a Salvation Army Christmas hamper. She's thanking Londoners for their generosity.

'You become immune to it:' 1 in 5 Canadians say they experience racism, survey finds

A national survey revealed that 20 per cent of Canadians experience racism. Here's what that looks like for some.

Auditor General paints grim picture of Ontario's jails

Ontario's auditor general Bonnie Lysyk paints a grim picture of the province's correctional system in her latest report. It includes overcrowding, an increase in remanded inmates and more of them with mental health issues -- and a lack of resources to help them.

Dundas Place opens today: Here are 5 cool things about London's first flex street

Dundas Place, the city's first flex street, will be officially completed today. The two-year, $16-million project has transformed Dundas Street — from Ridout Street to Wellington Street — from a commercial corridor to a new streetscape aimed at bringing people together.  Here are a few cool things to know about the street.

'It's devastating:' Owner says poutine trailer was stolen before opening

A family is devastated after their food truck trailer, which was set to open later this month, was stolen. The Woodshed Poutinerie was built on a family dream as a way to honour a loved one that passed.