Tainted ecstasy seized as 2 Calgarians arrested

Police have charged two people in connection with trafficking ecstasy laced with PMMA in Calgary.

2 Calgarians arrested in PMMA bust, drug linked to 8 deaths

Police charged two people Wednesday in connection with trafficking ecstasy laced with PMMA — a substance that has killed eight people in Calgary.

Officers tested some of the drugs they seized and found they were laced paramethoxymethamphetamine, otherwise known as "Dr. Death."

Two homes were raided in Huntington Hills and Bowness where they found 1,300 grams of powdered ecstasy, the type users often assume is "pure."

A collapsible baton, two knives and cash were also seized and a 19-year-old man and 19-year-old woman arrested.

Police are now warning people who may have bought some of the drugs that they could be laced with PMMA and are releasing photos of the two accused to help spread the word.

8th death connected to PMMA

Calgary police also confirmed there's been an eighth death connected to PMMA.

The drug is connected to the recent death of a 37-year-old man. Last month, police and EMS responded to a home in the northeast where the man was pronounced dead at the scene. Another man and woman were taken to hospital and have since been released.