Sylvan Lake shooting linked to biker gang, RCMP say

RCMP believe a shooting earlier this month near Sylvan Lake, Alta., is connected to a motorcycle gang.

2 members of Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club face attempted murder charges

Biker gang charges

10 years ago
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A shooting earlier this month near Sylvan Lake, Alta., is connected to motorcycle gang, RCMP say.

RCMP believe a shooting earlier this month near Sylvan Lake, Alta., is connected to a motorcycle gang.

Officials have charged two men who are members of the Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club, which has ties to the Hells Angels, after a man suffering from gunshot wounds was found walking near the town located just west of Red Deer.

The man — who is also affiliated with the club — has since undergone surgery and is expected to survive, RCMP said.

Daniel Huddlestone, 34, and Cameron Monkman, 28, have been charged with attempted murder using a firearm, robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault and other weapons offences.

Both men will appear in court on June 27. Huddlestone is currently in custody, but Monkman has been released on bail.

RCMP also released pictures of Malicious Crew Gang clothing, including black leather vests featuring skulls and a winged devil which officials say feature the club's gang symbols.

The Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club has been on the RCMP's radar for the last year, but they say the June 3 shooting is the first major dealing with the gang.

"What we've seen in the past few years, especially in the past three to four years, is a tremendous increase in these types of clubs," said Cpl. Jerion Hildebrand. "They've emerged across Alberta in many, many different communities."