Sunshine Village works to have Goat's Eye lift running by Saturday

Technicians from Colorado have arrived at the Sunshine Village and are now working to get the Goat's Eye Express chairlift up and running again by Saturday.

Technicians from Colorado completing complicated gearbox reassembly

A technician works on repairing the Goat's Eye Express chairlift gearbox at Sunshine Village. (Dave Riley/Sunshine Village)

Technicians from Colorado have arrived at Sunshine Village and are now working to get the Goat's Eye Express chair lift up and running again by Saturday.

Officials at the hill say it's a complicated assembly, but they believe they have everything they need to get the lift going again.

"We had some critical parts being flown in from Switzerland that arrived this morning," said Sunshine Village CEO Dave Riley. 
A critical part to repair the Goat's Eye Express gearbox was flown in from Switzerland. (Dave Riley/Sunshine Village)

The lift has been closed since a gearbox failure last Sunday. 110 skiers and snowboarders who were stuck on the immobile lift had to be rescued one by one, forced to rappel to safety.

Some of the people who were stranded praised the ski patrollers for their conduct and communication throughout the evacuation. The concern for customers is now when the lift will reopen.

"It's true, people love Goat's Eye," Riley conceded.

He says the resort has made it a priority to be transparent about the problem and the state of the repair.

"We've had a lot of really positive comments because we've just called a spade a spade. It is what it is and we've been posting frequent updates with a lot of technical information."

Riley says regular updates will continue to be posted to the Sunshine Village Facebook page. 


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