Gorgeous sunset sweeps over Calgary and surrounding areas

In case you missed the real thing, here are some unbelievable views of Thursday night's sunset from all across Calgary.

We asked you to send in photos of Thursday's unbelievable sunset

Skies over Airdrie lit up in vibrant primary colours. (Gemma Newman)

CBC Calgary reporter Scott Dippel shared this stunner of Thursday night's sunset. 

(Scott Dippel/CBC)

"The inside of my house was glowing pink!" said one Bearspaw resident. 

(Julie Pagenkopf DeBoer)

The clouds gleamed like gold by North Glenmore Park. 

(Rob Anderson)

The golden glow made a beautiful backdrop for the city's skyline.

(Jonathan Calvert)

Over in Airdrie, it looked something like this. 

(Rick Kozak)

And a little later, the Airdrie sky lit up in vibrant primary colours. 

(Gemma Newman)

Over in Shawnessy, it was nothing but pink.

(Chantelle Cummins)

And unbelievable clouds continued to sweep across the city.

(Hassan Chaudhry)

This view is from the reservoir behind the hospital at Eagle Ridge.

(Keegan McCauley)