Street art project brings kids and police together in Bridgeland community project

Art is helping to forge new friendships between a group of kids and the police in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood.

Kids and police paint murals together as part of Mac's community project

Calgary is among a number of cities across Canada to take part in the Mac's street art project. (CBC/Mike Spenrath)

Art is helping to forge new friendships between a group of kids and the police in Calgary's Bridgeland neighbourhood. 

Together they've completed a series of murals on the side of a Mac's convenience store. It's part of Mac's cross-Canada street art mural project.

The aim is to help build positive relationships between businesses, community and the police.

Grafitti artist Magic Finnga Wong says it's something any community group, anywhere, can share.

Police and a group of youth worked together on a street art project as part of a Mac's community building initiative. (CBC )

"When you involve the community, you involve people that work there, live there. You have a sense of team effort and family," said Wong. "It's almost like when you go on a vacation with your family and everyone builds a sand castle together. It's a moment in life you can cherish and say 'well this is what we did together.'"

Some of the irony of the project was not lost on Wong.

"We had tons of pictures of youth and officers shoulder to shoulder spray painting, which was a taboo thing in the past; it would never have happened.

Mural projects like this have also been completed in Toronto, Thunder Bay and Ottawa.

A series of colourful murals at the Mac's store in Bridgeland. (CBC)