Calgary Stampede food: Tips to avoid guilt from eating badly

A day out at the Calgary Stampede typically features one or two midway treats that are high in calories, fat ... and guilt.

It's OK to indulge, but don't overlook healthy snacks

The Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burger is proving popular at this year's Calgary Stampede midway. (Atiba Nelson)

A day out at the Calgary Stampede typically features one or two midway treats that are high in calories, fat ... and guilt.

Casey Berglund, a local registered dietitian, encourages people to be mindful about their Stampede eating to avoid the pangs of guilt that can come with indulging in foods found on the grounds.

"People feel guilty when they make a lot of mindless decisions and overconsume... if you can go into Stampede and take a pause and plan what you want, your experience will be enjoyable," said Berglund.

Veronica Grant, visiting from Dallas, Tx., and dietitian Casey Berglund with their Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burgers at the Stampede midway. (Atiba Nelson)

Other tips provided for a healthier, yet fun, Stampede eating experience include drinking water, packing healthier snacks like homemade trail mix or fruit, and sharing larger midway food items with friends.

While at the Stampede this year, Berglund sampled a Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burger, but was on the hunt for a decadent treat that satisfied multiple cravings — the salted caramel deep-fried coffee.

Registered dietitian Casey Berglund with the salted caramel deep-fried coffee at the Stampede midway. (Atiba Nelson)

Berglund and first-time Stampede-goer Veronica Grant of Dallas, Tx., identified the treat on the Calgary Stampede 2016 Featured Food website.

Although Berglund and Grant consumed two high-calorie goodies, Berglund says: "One day at the Stampede won't make or break your diet."