Springbank dry dam to undergo federal environmental assessment

A proposal for a flood mitigation project near Calgary that has received vocal opposition from people living in the area will now get a federal environmental assessment review.

Environmental Assessment Agency asking for comment until July 25

Artist rendering of the off-stream reservoir project at Springbank Road. (Government of Alberta)

A controversial proposal for a dam designed to mitigate flooding in Alberta is undergoing a federal review.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is asking for comment until July 25 about the impact of the Springbank reservoir project.

The project would see gates upstream of Calgary divert water during flooding into a canal that would lead to surrounding land.

The water would be channelled back into the Elbow River when the flood subsided.

Dozens of landowners would be affected and they have vocally opposed the plan.

The Alberta government has said the Springbank project is less expensive and has less environmental impact than alternatives.