Spock seeks Vulcan connection

Popular Star Trek icon Mr. Spock is looking forward to establishing a "root connection" to an Alberta community that shares the name of his fictional birthplace.

Popular Star Trek character Mr. Spock is looking forward to establishing a "root connection" to an Alberta community that shares the name of his fictional birthplace.

Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed the logical half-alien, half-human character Spock on the original TV series, is scheduled to visit Vulcan, Alta., on April 23 as part of a comic book and entertainment convention being held Calgary.

"I'm looking forward to making a root connection to Vulcan," said Nimoy, adding he wants to "shake some hands" and "make some friends" during his visit.

Nimoy said he no longer feels rooted to the neighborhood he grew up and began his acting career in.

"I grew up in the city of Boston in a neighborhood I felt very connected to," Nimoy told CBC News on Sunday from his home in Los Angeles, Calif. "The neighborhood was subsequently torn down and replaced by many expensive high-rise condominiums. When I go back there I feel rootless."

Last year Vulcan residents campaigned to have the world première of the new Star Trek movie in their town. Their request was denied by Paramount Pictures, but Nimoy, who has never been to Vulcan, endorsed the Canadian town and urged the studio to recognize it.

Under pressure from Nimoy, the studio broadcast a special screening of the blockbuster in Calgary and transported many Vulcan residents by bus to the theatre.

Vulcan, a community of about 1,900, was named by a railway surveyor in 1915 after the Roman god of fire. The community began capitalizing on its connection with Star Trek in the early 1990s by holding a variety of Star Trek-related events, unveiling a Star Trek-inspired spaceship monument and welcome plaque and opening a space-themed visitors centre.

Vulcan is about 130 kilometres southeast of Calgary.