Spin gardens bloom in Calgary

An increasing number of Calgarians are borrowing people's backyards to grow vegetables and in return the homeowner gets to keep some of the produce.

Growers borrow backyards for vegetable gardens

At least four companies are operating spin gardens in Calgary. (CBC)

More and more Calgarians are planting vegetable gardens in other people's yards.

They are called spin gardens, with spin standing for "small plot intensive."

Rod Olson, the owner of Leaf and Lyre, borrows other people’s backyards, pays them in produce and then sells his crop mostly to restaurants and neighbours.

He is growing vegetables in about 20 backyards.

"We have kale and then lettuce, some arugula."

Homeowner Dawn Kelly says she has always wanted a garden and now has one thanks to another spin farmer.

"I love it," says Kelly.

Calgary’s first spin farmer started up two summers ago.

There are now at least four companies in the city.