Thanksgiving snowfall seen all over Calgary neighbourhoods and surrounding areas

It's the first time snow has fallen in Calgary this fall, and in some areas there's even enough to build a snowman.

In Cochrane, there's enough snow to build a snowman!

Snow can be seen all over Calgary and surrounding areas, including this home in Black Diamond, Alta., which is 42 kilometres south of Calgary. (Aimz VM Chrysler)

It's the first time snow has fallen in Calgary this fall, and in some spots there's so much on the ground kids are building snowmen.

Unlike other years, it's been a long, warm autumn for southern Alberta but the forecast predicts that is starting to change.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said on its website that while rain showers or flurries will end this afternoon, on Wednesday there will be more periods of snow.

CBC Calgary asked Calgarians on Facebook to send us their snow shots, and the weather across southern Alberta sure did vary.

In the northwest of Calgary, snow can be seen scattered across lawns and homes. 

This view from a house in Sage Hill, which is in the city's northwest, shows how snow has already sprinkled over roofs and cars. (Denise Bowdridge)
In MacEwan Glen, a neighbourhood in northwest Calgary, a light snowfall covered this backyard. (Jennifer Bidlake Schroeder)
Snow has also made it's way to the northwest neighborhood of Nolan Hill. (Ryan Bathgate)

In Calgary's south quadrants, some homes weren't too affected by the snow.

At a house in Evergreen Estates, a neighbourhood in southwest Calgary, only a small amount of snow dusted the backyard. (Bobbi Parama)

However for those that live up in Cochrane, 31 kilometres northwest of Calgary, the snow was pretty solid.

Children at this house in Cochrane watched the snow fall from their window on Thanksgiving Monday. (Aban Guhad)
Cochrane, Alta., which is 31 kilometres northwest of Calgary, got a huge dump of snow on Thanksgiving Monday. (Lorena Kat Jimenez)

So solid in fact that children were able to build a snowman out of it!

In Cochrane, there's enough snow to build a snowman. (Rowena Sellers)

It's not just the north part of Calgary that is experiencing this. Down in Millarville, which is 35 km southwest of Calgary, snow can be seen in backyards.

Millarville, Alta., which is 35 kilometres southwest of Calgary, also got a dump of snow on Thanksgiving Monday. (Laura Marie)
In Millarville, there was just enough snow to build this tiny snowman. (Dallas Cross)


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