$5 transit passes are door-openers for low-income Calgarians, advocate says

A disability and anti-poverty advocate says Calgary Transit’s new sliding scale monthly pass can open a lot of doors for lower-income Calgarians.

New sliding-scale program replaces $44 one-size-fits-all pass

Sliding-scale transit pass to open doors for low-income Calgarians

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4 years ago
New program replaces one-size-fits-all $44 pass 0:29

A disability and anti-poverty advocate says Calgary Transit's new sliding-scale monthly pass can open a lot of doors for lower-income Calgarians.

"This is really going to reduce a lot of barriers for people to actually go and visit in their community," said Colleen Huston.

Huston is with Disability Action Hall, one of many groups pushing for an enhanced low-income option for transit users.

Colleen Huston of the Disability Action Hall says the new program will reduce barriers for many Calgarians. (David Bell/CBC)

"We know some people that really want to share their stories and now that they have an affordable means to get there, it's no longer a barrier," she explained.

The current low-income pass is $44 a month, compared to the full price of $101.

Passes will now cost $5.05, $35.35 or $50.50 depending on income level.

Kelsey Voykin, a student at ACAD, says people need to get around and the new program will make a difference for people on a tight budget. (David Bell/CBC)

Seniors and students have separate discount programs.

ACAD student Kelsey Voykin says the difference between the old program and the sliding-scale pass is significant.

"People have to get around and if they can't afford that, $40 can be a lot of money, if you aren't making that much," she said.

The new passes will be available for use April 1.

Sliding-scale transit passes coming in April

CBC News Calgary

4 years ago
Called a game changer for some low-income Calgarians 1:37


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