Skunk invasion in northeast Calgary prompts Taradale petition

Resident launches online petition demanding the city remove skunks from Taradale.

Calgary residents want the city to pay for removal of smelly animals

One woman has started a petition demanding the city pay for the removal of skunks in her mother's northeast Calgary neighbourhood of Taradale. (Flickr)

One Calgary resident is fed up with stinky skunks in northeast Calgary.

"Every morning you wake up to the smell of skunk. And sometimes, around suppertime, it's so bad that you can't even eat your supper," said Tiffany Martinson.

She says the skunks are digging up yards all over Greenview, where she lives, and has also heard they're a big problem this year in Forest Lawn and Abbeydale.

His tail was up. He was coming right for her.- Tiffany Martinson 

Right now residents must set their own traps and call pest control to take away the critters.

Tiffany Martinson says she's seen 12 skunks running wild in Taradale. (Canadian Press)

Martinson says it costs $200 to remove each skunk.

She has launched an online petition asking the city to foot the bill and take immediate action in Taradale where her mother lives.

She says there are 12 skunks running wild, and one even chased her mother up the front steps of her house.

'He was coming right for her'

"His tail was up. He was coming right for her," said Martinson.

The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation has responded to the skunk petition on Facebook.

"They really need to feel threatened to spray because after they do spray, it takes about 10 days for them to replenish their supply," executive director Holly Duvall told the Calgary Eyeopener.

Duvall adds that residents can peacefully co-exist with the mammals by monitoring their dogs in their yard at night and keeping them on a leash when they go for walks.

Martinson says she doesn't believe that will solve the immediate problem and plans to present her petition to Calgary city council once she gets 1,000 signatures.


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