Inglewood's singing saleswoman to perform at Stampede western showcase

For more than a decade, Nancy Laberge has been entertaining shoppers as Calgary's singing appliance saleswoman. Now she's going to perform at the Window on the West showcase at the Calgary Stampede.

Would you like a song with that puchase?

Musician and saleswoman Nancy Laberge has been entertaining shoppers at Trail Appliances in Inglewood for 16 years. (Nancy Laberge)

Most salespeople have tricks of the trade to seal a deal and stand out from the competition.

But Nancy Laberge might have the appliance sales market cornered as Inglewood's only singing saleswoman.

"Well for sure I return phone calls, give discounts," Laberge told the Calgary Eyeopener. "But I'm a musician so I bring my guitar to work so I play music for clients."

For 16 years, Laberge has worked at the Trail Appliances in Inglewood and has used her original songs to deliver a unique sales experience and help relieve some of the pressure while shopping for new appliances.

"Lots of people are stressed out when they are doing a build or a reno, and so I have just learned to calm it all down,"  Laberge said. "I say 'Come on, I'm going to play you some original material' and I sing to them and I tell them I'm not selling appliances, I'm selling music."

Along with being a performer, Laberge is also a trained chef and said she prefers a low-pressure sales tactic when dealing with customers.

"I don't really sell, I just educate and people part with their money," Laberge said.

Wether it's a washing machine or a toaster, Leberge said there is no minimum purchase required for shoppers to get a free, jaunty tune. But her impromptu performances aren't a mandatory part of her sales pitch — she only plays for prospective buyers if they are open and willing to listen to a tune.

Idon't really sell, Ijust educateand people part with their money.- Nancy Laberge

Laberge said being the singing saleswoman has allowed her to merge her passions of performing and working with people. It's also helped her stand out from the crowd.

"You know, people remember me," Laberge said of her unique sales pitch. "People will come into the store and ask for the lady that sang to them."

Laberge will be taking her concerts out of the showroom and into the Calgary Stampede as part of the Window on the West western showcase.

Laberge will perform on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. in the BMO Centre. Tickets are free with admission to the Stampede grounds.