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Scott Dippel has been at CBC News for more than two decades across four provinces. His roles have included legislative reporter, news reader, assignment editor and national reporter. When not at Calgary's City Hall, it's still all politics, all the time.

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Council approves new $25M arrest processing unit at Spy Hill

Calgary's outdated arrest processing unit is being replaced. City council has approved a new site for the Calgary Police Service's new facility — the province's justice campus at Spy Hill, in the city's far northwest corner.

Nenshi wants arena as a key part of a revitalized entertainment district

Naheed Nenshi is setting the record straight: he'd like to see a new arena in Victoria Park. He's seeking re-election as mayor next month and says there can't be a blank cheque on this.

Calgary's drug court needs more money, mayor to tell feds and province

City council will ask the federal and provincial governments to put more money into the Calgary drug treatment court. The court is an alternative justice program for people suffering drug addictions.

City needs additional $4M for low-income transit passes

The city is going to need up to another $4 million to continue providing low-income Calgarians with cut-rate monthly transit passes next year. The program allows people to buy passes at lower prices, depending on their income.

$170M budget gap expected in Calgary although economy slowly recovering, city manager warns

Calgary's city manager is warning that even with the stirrings of an economic recovery, the hangover from the financial downturn will last at city hall for years to come.

City keeps pieces of historic buildings hidden in storage

The City of Calgary has portions of a number of heritage properties hidden away in storage — potentially for some future use. A freedom of information request shows portions of seven historic buildings and structures remain in city storage yards.

Spill of plastic pellets in Bow River traced to local company

An unusual spill of industrial pollution that prompted a two week-long cleanup on the Bow River in Calgary. Last fall, members of a group that offers educational boat tours of the Bow River noticed thousands of small white plastic pellets floating on the waterway.

Calgary considers federal cash for Airport Trail expansion

City council will be asked on Monday to seek federal funds to complete Airport Trail. The plan calls for new interchanges on Airport Trail and extending it east to Stoney Trail.

$14M facelift planned for Third Street S.E. in Calgary's East Village

It's the last street in the East Village to get a makeover but now a $14-million project will give Third Street S.E. a new look.

City of Calgary wants you to rent a parking lot for your next event

Lower demand for parking spaces during the recession has the Calgary Parking Authority looking at other ways of making money from its facilities. The city-owned agency is trying to ramp up its event rental business.

City of Calgary has lots of green (carts) to get rid of

Thousands of old green carts in the city's waste and recycling department are going to be ... recycled.

Residents want homeless camps and flood debris cleared from Elbow Island Park

The Rideau Roxboro Community Association says damage on Elbow Island Park from the 2013 flood still hasn't been fixed and it's become a regular campsite for homeless people.

City committee backs study of private golf course industry in Calgary

A city committee supports looking into the state of the private golf course industry. Calgary has seen three private courses closed for redevelopment proposals in the past six years.

All gifts to city councillors to be disclosed under revised ethical conduct policy

A city council committee has approved a major upgrade of the ethical conduct policy for council members. Several existing policies are being brought under the umbrella of a single policy.

Secondary suites go 22-1 at city council on Monday

City council poured through another batch of secondary suite applications on Monday. Only one application out of 23 was defeated.