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Scott Dippel has been at CBC News for more than two decades across four provinces. His roles have included legislative reporter, news reader, assignment editor and national reporter. When not at Calgary's City Hall, it's still all politics, all the time.

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City could lose land if it closes Inglewood pool in January

It's possible that if the city closes the Inglewood swimming pool in January to save money that the decision could cost it more than just the pool.

Alberta is entering a time of restraint, says finance minister

Fresh off of the release of the MacKinnon report this week on the province's fiscal state, Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews is warning of spending cuts to come.

Calgary Transit cuts service and mayor hopes more cuts aren't coming

As Calgarians return from their summer holidays and students head back to school this week, transit users may be noticing some changes to bus and CTrain service.

Former Midfield Mobile Home Park to be rebranded as Winston Heights Village

The City of Calgary is laying out the plan for the redevelopment of the former Midfield Mobile Home Park in the northeast, which closed last year due to crumbling underground utilities.

Calgary plans to demolish aging pedestrian bridge that links Eau Claire and Prince's Island

The city is making plans to replace the Jaipur Bridge with a new span. The bridge to Prince's Island, which opened in 1968, is deteriorating.

Nenshi downplays premier's concerns about Green Line

Hours after a report that Jason Kenney favours hitting the brakes on Calgary's Green Line, Mayor Naheed Nenshi acknowledged that Alberta's premier was raising good questions but countered that any major delays would only drive up costs.

Ogden underpass delayed, leaving community wondering and waiting

It was supposed to be a summer of construction on a new underpass in the southeast community of Ogden. But so far, not much is happening at the site of the future 78th Avenue underpass

Firefighters' union worries cuts put public at risk after rescue boat parked to save money

The union representing Calgary firefighters says budget cuts are starting to affect the front line services people expect to be there when they need them.

Talks between city, Flames on a new arena underway

Negotiations on a new arena between the City of Calgary and the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation are underway.

Councillors bounced off Enmax board in exchange for quarterly updates

A former councillor argues public representatives forced utility to consider ratepayers. But no longer will councillors hold the unpaid board role.

Contract changes could delay opening of $4.6B Green Line project to 2027

Construction was supposed to start next year on the 4.6 billion dollar Green Line, but the sheer size of the project and technical issues are slowing it down.

PSSST! Want a well-used former CTrain car?

After decades of serving commuters, it's an ignominious ending for many of Calgary Transit's original LRT cars. Car after car is ending up in a southeast metal recycling yard, where they're crushed for scrap.

Main source of Calgary drinking water needs protection from people, task force says

A task force is recommending that a risk management strategy be developed for the Bearspaw reservoir, which supplies drinking water to Calgary and Rocky View County and hydroelectricity for TransAlta.

Overlooked Calgary creek gets some spotlight at city hall

An often overlooked Calgary waterway received a bit of attention at city hall on Wednesday. Nose Creek is facing stress due to development along its banks.

Secret Olympic reports show how ill-fated bid evolved over time

Now that Calgary's scuttled 2026 Winter Olympics bid has been legally and officially laid to rest by city council, some of the hidden details have been released by the city.