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Alberta pauses future coal lease sales in Rocky Mountains, cancels 11 recent leases

Alberta's energy minister says the province will cancel 11 recently issued coal leases and pause future lease sales that would have allowed open-pit coal mining on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.
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RCMP launch criminal probe into COVID-19 death tied to massive Alberta meat plant outbreak

Ariana Quesada, 16, walked into the RCMP detachment in High River, Alta., on Friday and filed a formal complaint asking police to investigate potential criminal negligence in the death of her father.

Calgary pastor says church will continue to break COVID-19 rules, days after health order issued

Police and Alberta Health Services responded to a southeast Calgary church on Sunday, after the pastor continued to encourage congregants to break public health rules following a fine and health inspection order. 

Springbank reservoir won't pose major risks to environment, federal review finds

The proposed Sprinkbank reservoir would not pose any significant impact to the environment, according to a draft report from the federal government. 

'Serious and violent' sex offender to be released from prison next week

A "serious and violent" Calgary sexual offender will be subject to a long list of restrictions following his statutory release on Jan. 14.

Joe Corral, 61, mourned as 1st Alberta health-care worker to die of COVID-19

Joe Marie (Jing) Parrenas Corral, a 61-year-old Calgary man who was known for treating the seniors he supported with respect and dignity, has become the first known health-care worker to die of COVID-19 in Alberta. 

Calgary councillors say they stayed home, stayed safe amid politician travel controversy

Some Calgary councillors are expressing disappointment with provincial politicians and staff who went against public health recommendations to travel recreationally over the holidays.

Jeanne Lougheed, supporter of the arts and wife of former Alberta premier, dead at 92

Jeanne Lougheed (née Rogers), an advocate for the arts and wife of former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed, has died.

Painting climate change — artists revisit Rocky Mountain landscapes, decades later

Nearly a century after Catharine Robb Whyte captured the landscapes of the Rocky Mountains in her paintings, a collective of emerging, female artists will be walking in her footsteps.

Calgary Bear Clan Patrol spends Christmas Day distributing turkey dinners to those in need

Every Friday, members of Calgary's Bear Clan Patrol chapter hand out hand warmers, pick up needles and most importantly, make connections with the vulnerable people they meet as they walk through the city. 

Golf dome collapses after heavy snowfall in Calgary

The Golf Dome in southeast Calgary collapsed on Tuesday evening, after a massive storm dumped as much as 30 centimetres of snow on parts of the city.

More people than you think have comorbidities — and why it matters

Alberta recently started reporting "comorbidities," or pre-existing chronic medical conditions, linked to COVID-19 deaths — but the bullet points on each day's list of those lost don't tell the whole story. About one in five Albertans have high blood pressure alone, with experts warning chronic medical conditions are actually very common.

Protesters charged with assault, violating public health act after anti-mask rally in Calgary

Two people were charged on at a rally against public health restrictions on Saturday, as tensions have mounted over measures intended to slow the spread of COVID-19 and how those measures are being enforced. 

Outbreak declared at Peter Lougheed Centre's ER after 12 staff contract COVID-19

An outbreak has been declared at the Peter Lougheed Centre's emergency department after 12 staff members tested positive for COVID-19. 

Calgary to ask Alberta to cap food delivery app fees

If Calgary's mayor has his way, local restaurants won't have to pay delivery apps sky-high fees for connecting you with their ginger beef or pho.