Safeway eliminates Club Card but promises savings will continue

Safeway shoppers heading to the grocery story today will not have to use their club card.

Marketing professor believes it has to do with the Sobey's takeover

Safeway has scrapped its loyalty card program but says it will to continue passing on the savings. (CBC)

As of today, Safeway shoppers will never again be able to use their club card. 

According to Safeway, the card is being scrapped largely because customers don't like carrying so many cards in their wallets. The company says those savings will now be passed on without the card.

For savings on gas purchases, customers will need to use a promo code printed on all grocery receipts.

But some believe there may be an ulterior motive. One marketing professor believes it has to do with the Sobey's takeover.

"It's hard to imagine it's purely a coincidence," said Adam Finn from the University of Alberta. 

But some customers seem to be alright with the change.

"Well as long as I get the savings, I don't mind not carrying another card. I have a wallet full of plastic cards," said Safeway shopper Valerie Marshall.

With files from The Canadian Press