Ryan Lane murder trial hears wiretap calls recorded between accused killers

After murder suspect Wilhelm Rempel was interrogated for three hours by a homicide detective, he got on the phone with his brother.

Wilhelm Rempel tells his brother he was worried about information police had

Wilhelm Rempel, Sheena Cuthill and Tim Rempel are all accused of murdering Ryan Lane because he wanted visitation rights with the daughter he and Cuthill shared. (CBC/Global)

After murder suspect, Wilhelm Rempel was interrogated for three hours by a homicide detective, he got on the phone with his brother.

"I never said a f**king word about nothing to nobody," Wilhelm Rempel tells Tim Rempel.

Wiretapped phone conversations between the accused and various others including their parents were played in court on Friday.

The brothers and Tim's wife, Sheena Cuthill are all charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ryan Lane who fathered a child with Cuthill.

Police interrogated Wilhelm on July 17, 2012 for several hours. Afterwards he calls his brother in a panic.

"From what I heard on the tape, you and Sheena hung me out to dry," says Wilhelm. "They got information that they really f**king shouldn't have and I'm worried."

Tim denies telling police anything and says he doesn't think his wife had either.

"I won't break for nothing," Wilhelm tells him.

Though both brothers told police they had never met Lane, a conversation recorded between Wilhelm and his mother in April 2012 tells a different story. He admits to her that Tim called Lane the night he disappeared.

"Ryan got in the truck and then he got back out," says Wilhelm who denies ever laying a hand on Lane.

"We didn't kill that boy," he says. "He got out of the truck out of his own free will."

(Submitted by Ryan Lane's family)

'They're looking for anything Ryan Lane'

Then on the day that police execute a warrant, Tim calls his mother in a panic.

"Got a problem," Tim tells his mother over the phone. "Just served me with a f**king warrant and they're seizing the Jeep."

"They're looking for anything Ryan Lane; fingerprints, hair, blood."

"I've never been in this much trouble before," Tim says to his mother.

He tells her Ryan Lane was alive when he last saw him.

"They got blood in my truck, automatically they think the guy is dead."

At one point, Tim calls his service provider to ask how to erase everything off of his phone.

"I just want everything gone off it, any search histories all cleaned up and gone."

Prosecutor Tom Buglas indicated he expects to wrap up the Crown's evidence on Monday.

It's unclear if defence will call any evidence.