RV belonging to 'Star Man' to be removed by Calgary bylaw

A Calgary man is looking for a place to legally put his colourful star-themed RV to stay off of city streets.

Jimmy Marsh, who was living in a painted motorhome for the last 2 years, says he may once again be homeless

Jimmy " Star Man" Marsh has to remove his trailer and RV from Foothills Industrial Park streets. He's looking for help. 1:21

It's hard not to notice the colourful RV parked in the Foothills Industrial Park that is covered with paintings of stars.

The motorhome belongs Jimmy Marsh, whose decorating style sparked the nickname "Star Man."

He has been living in the RV at that spot for more than two years.  

It was a gift from his friend and former employer, Gord Webster, to help get the Calgary man off the street. Marsh had been living in downtown for the last 40 years.

Webster was trying to find him a stable and more long-term accommodation than sleeping under a bridge.

"I was a friend and he worked for me, doing windows for many years. He just sort of wound up coming around and needing help."

After buying the RV, which had a broken engine, Webster had it towed to a location where Marsh would often collect bottles. The area has seen others living in motorhomes and vans in the past.

But Marsh received a warning this weekend that his home has to be moved.

Complaint made

It comes after bylaw services investigated a complaint about a trailer attached to the back of his motorhome that was filled with old furniture and other items recovered from the trash.

When the officers came to investigate complaint, they noticed Marsh's RV — spurring a warning to remove both this week.

It's against the rules to live in a camper on city streets.

If he doesn't find a legal place for his RV and trailer, and they get towed to the impound, he says he will go back to sleeping under bridges.

"Look, it's going to the impound lot and I'm going to be back on the streets… I'm sorry if I sound upset but you'd be too if your roots you'd be taken out from under your feet again."

Both men are looking for help and donations to fix the RV and find a legal place for it.

Marsh is also hoping to transform it into a food truck to help other homeless people living in the industrial park area.

Bylaw services says they're trying to be as accommodating as possible with the situation.

Officers will return on site Wednesday, hoping the RV and trailer are gone.