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Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa's work is seen across CBC News platforms.

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Mother who watched son burn to death in SUV fire joins calls for answers from Kia, Hyundai

The mother of a 48-year-old man who burned to death in a car fire outside her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, is joining automobile safety advocates in calling for two car giants to come clean about potential safety issues that can cause some engines to fail at high speeds or burst into flames.

'Appalling treatment': Couple in wheelchairs left alone for almost 12 hours at Vancouver airport

Two families are demanding answers from major airlines after their elderly parents were abandoned at an airport for hours — without help to access food, water or washrooms.

Weight loss 'grants' program fails to pay up after participants shed pounds

Some Canadians who responded to national TV and radio ads that promised to pay people to lose weight say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged claims out for months before cutting a cheque.

Brothers have the same deadly disease but only 1 gets what their parents hope is life-saving treatment

Two young brothers, both with a deadly genetic disease, could face two very different futures because only one has access to cutting-edge medication. Health advocates blame Canada's broken drug evaluation and funding system, which leaves many patients without access to the medication they need.

'Is that even legal?': Companies may be sharing new credit or debit card information without you knowing

A Vancouver woman is sounding the alarm for millions of Canadians who have credit and debit cards, after her financial information was shared without her realizing it. Turns out, some cards have “updating services” that allow banking information to be shared with other companies — a little-known fact for most customers, and something a privacy expert says needs to change.

Pesticide on planes: Parents call for changes after cabin fumigated with passengers on board

Concerns over potential health risks and weak communication are being raised over a longstanding airline practice of spraying insecticide in plane cabins, sometimes when passengers are on board.

'Companies knew they had a big problem': Kia, Hyundai owners say they were knowingly sold defective vehicles

A group of vehicle owners is going after two major automakers in a proposed class-action lawsuit, claiming they were knowingly sold defective vehicles then left to pay for losses and repairs out of pocket when the engines failed or caught fire.

'We would have been dead': Father outraged after engine fire puts family at risk

Chris Dietrich, his wife and three young children were asleep when they woke up to a neighbour pounding on the door to tell them flames were shooting out of their garage and closing in on the house after the family's vehicle burst into flames — and they're not the only ones with a horror story like that.

Drivers say automakers are putting lives at risk by not recalling engines known to fail or catch fire

A Vancouver family is blaming a big car company after experiencing engine failure on a B.C. highway — a life-threatening emergency they say could have been avoided if Hyundai hadn't delayed a safety recall for years.

Woman with disability banned from No Frills store after failing to pack groceries fast enough

An Alberta woman who was left with physical disabilities following cancer surgery is fighting back after she was told not to return to a popular grocery store unless she brought help — because she couldn't pack her groceries fast enough.

'Fake' experts on radio shows conned listeners out of millions, victims say

Dozens of Ontario investors say they were conned out of millions of dollars after fraudsters using fake names were featured as investment "experts" on their favourite radio stations — on shows listeners say sounded like news but were actually infomercials.

'No right to make money off us that way': Woman targeted by baby product marketing after miscarriage

A woman who miscarried twin boys says she is devastated that information she gave to a trusted store ended up in the hands of third-party marketing companies — resulting in baby formula arriving at her door when she was no longer pregnant.

'Driver knew he was aggressive': Senior beaten by another passenger while taking transit for elderly, disabled

A 92-year-old woman was left bloodied and bruised after Montreal's public transit service for the elderly and disabled put her in a vehicle with a man she says the driver knew was dangerous.

Couple claims they were driven out of workplace for being 'too gay'

A lesbian couple says they had to leave their jobs in a small Alberta town because they were "too gay" for their colleagues. The women have filed a human rights complaint alleging discrimination.
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'You're gonna lose your money': Air Canada online glitch leaves retiree on hook for flight he didn't book

A retiree is fighting back after Air Canada charged him for a flight he unknowingly booked and never took. An e-commerce expert says he's one of millions of Canadians at the mercy of confusing and complicated online rules that protect businesses over consumers.