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Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa's work is seen across CBC News platforms.

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CEO asks employees to lie on timecards or risk job losses — violating labour laws

Several workers of a high-profile company say they were pressured into giving up paid vacation days, then told to lie about it on their timecards or risk job losses. Labour experts say it's one of many cases where companies are being accused of breaking the rules to save money during the pandemic.

After her toaster oven caught fire, Ontario woman was told by Whirlpool to take it up with a company in China

The toaster oven had the KitchenAid name on it, but when it burst into flames causing hundreds of dollars in damage to an Ontario women's home, the appliance maker told her she'd have to go after a third-party company she'd never heard of — in China — for compensation.

Canadians are accidentally poisoning themselves while cleaning to prevent COVID-19

Canadians are accidentally poisoning themselves while trying to keep their homes and themselves clear of COVID-19. Health Canada numbers show a jump in the number of calls to poison centres across the country compared to this time last year.

Grocery stores scrambling to keep up with online orders

Long waits, limited stock and last-minute cancelations, online grocery orders are causing frustration for Canadians who should be staying home during the pandemic. Here's why companies are struggling and how to get around the problems.

Pharmacists struggle to fill gaps in strained health-care system

Some Canadian pharmacists say they are struggling to fill in gaps in a strained health-care system, leaving them to deal with patients who are anxious to avoid medical clinics and the ER.

Prescription change meant to safeguard supply in COVID-19 crisis triples fees for some patients

Pharmacies across the country are now filling prescriptions monthly instead of once every three months, leaving some patients to pay three times the usual amount in dispensing fees.
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Why many passengers grounded by COVID-19 aren't getting refunds for cancelled flights

Canadian airlines are telling grounded passengers without travel insurance they won't be getting a refund for flights cancelled because of COVID-19 — only travel credits. A consumer lawyer says carriers have a responsibility to offer refunds.

'It's outrageous': Costly cancer drugs thrown out because of one-size-fits-all packaging

The health-care system is throwing out millions of dollars' worth of costly cancer drugs every year because of how they're packaged by drugmakers, ​​​say experts.

RCMP mistakes stroke victim for drunk, leaving him half-paralyzed in jail cell for hours, lawsuit says

An Alberta man's lawsuit says he likely suffered permanent damage after RCMP arrested him suspecting he was drunk, when he was actually having a stroke. According to the lawsuit, the man was then left in a cell for more than 18 hours, virtually ignored by officers.

RBC surveillance camera shows someone else took cash, but bank says customer is to blame

An Ontario woman says she's out thousands of dollars after someone withdrew money from her account right under the nose of bank tellers. It was caught on camera but, after investigating, the bank said the consumer was to blame.

Caught on camera: Man chases dangerous driver after 911 puts him on hold

An Ontario man says he has ‘lost faith’ in the 911 system, after an operator put him on hold for six minutes while he frantically pursued a suspected drunk driver, careening down busy streets. An emergency call system expert says Canada’s 911 is outdated and in desperate need of an overhaul.

Car owner forced to replace engine twice within weeks despite safety recall

A B.C. man is out thousands of dollars after replacing the engine on his SUV twice within weeks. Although a recall was issued months earlier — which affects thousands of Canadian car owners — Hyundai says it doesn’t apply.

More surgical items being left inside patients blamed on rushed operations

A longtime surgical nurse says the rise of of surgical items being left inside patients is because of systemic problems that are causing medical teams to rush through operations.

Medical device used during labour falls out of patient 10 weeks later

A B.C. woman suffered severe pain after a medical device was left inside her after an emergency C-section. Research shows she's not alone — Canada leaves more surgical instruments like sponges, needles and clamps inside patients than any other developed country.

Senior evicted from mental health facility, left to live in tent with rats

A 65-year-old B.C. woman says she was discharged from her residential mental health program against her will and has been homeless and without treatment since March.