CBC Calgary's Ron Nicolson leaves the airwaves after 40 years on the radio

After 20 years at CBC Calgary and more than 40 years in radio, Ron Nicolson read the last newscast of his career on Thursday.

'It's just time, it's time to let someone else do it. And summer's here and why retire in the winter?'

After 20 years at CBC Calgary and more than 40 on the radio, Ron Nicolson officially retired Thursday. (Robson Fletcher/CBC)

After 20 years at CBC Calgary and more than 40 years in radio, Ron Nicolson read the last newscast of his career on Thursday.

The newscast itself wasn't particularly memorable — a bit from city hall, an update from the provincial government — but it marked the last time Calgarians would hear that familiar voice they came to know and trust.

Nicolson's voice first hit the airwaves in 1977 when he was the weekend midnight disc jockey at CFCN in Calgary. His career eventually took him to High River, then Kamloops, B.C., where he turned his talents to the news.

"I thought being a broadcaster, you should actually have something to say rather than time and temp, and this is and that was, you know," Nicolson told The Homestretch crew Thursday afternoon.

Our longtime newsreader Ron Nicolson retires after 20 years with CBC Calgary. Host Doug Dirks talks with Ron about his career, his love of music and other memorable stories. 6:15

He eventually headed east where he worked in Regina and Toronto before he got the opportunity to come back to his hometown and work at CBC in Calgary, where he has been reporting and newsreading since Family Day of 1998.

A good newsreader, according to Nicolson, is someone who makes you feel like they are in the room with you, just telling you the news.

"It's just relax and tell it," he said. 

"That's the way you've got to do it. You're telling people the news, you're not shouting it at them or anything. You're just speaking with them."

Ron Nicholson in his earlier days with CBC Calgary, in a shot taken sometime between 2004 and 2009 while he was reading the news on the Calgary Eyeopener. (CBC)

Nicolson said he hopes his first day of retirement involves sleeping in, but in his future he sees a little travelling and a lot of golf.

While he said he will miss CBC Calgary, he felt it was time to pass the newsreading torch to someone new.

"Well, I'm old," he said, laughing. "It's just time, it's time to let someone else do it and summer's here and why retire in the winter, right?"

With files from The Homestretch


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