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Robson Fletcher joined the CBC Calgary digital team in 2015 after spending the previous decade working as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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Glacier garbage disappoints mountaineers exploring Jasper's Columbia Icefield

Driving through Banff or Jasper, you might see the occasional piece of litter on the side of the highway, but a pair of mountaineers were surprised last weekend to come across a whole pile of trash somewhere you wouldn't expect.

Wolf hit and killed on Trans-Canada Highway in Banff

A wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway over the weekend, according to Parks Canada.

Mortgages in arrears in Alberta hit highest rate since 2013

More and more Albertans are falling behind on their mortgage payments, according to new numbers from the Canadian Bankers Association.

Syphilis has skyrocketed across Alberta — except in Calgary — and officials are trying to figure out why

Alberta hasn't seen a syphilis outbreak like this in decades, with a sudden and severe spike in infection rates across almost every part of the province — with one, notable exception: its largest city.

Calgary asks Flames for more time to consult on arena deal as poll shows majority feel week is too short

On the same day that a poll was released showing a majority of Calgarians feel the arena deal is being rushed, the city revealed it has asked the Calgary Flames' ownership group for more time to do public consultation.

Cannabis consumption site half a kilometre from main folk fest stage praised and panned

Visitors to the first legal cannabis-consumption area at the Calgary Folk Festival had mixed feelings about the site, which is fenced off in a far corner of the festival grounds, roughly 500 metres from the main stage.

Economist Trevor Tombe says the way Flames' Ken King described their arena meeting isn't the full story

University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe says the way Ken King, vice-chairman of the Calgary Flames ownership group, described a meeting the two had earlier this year wasn't the full story.

City of Calgary layoff process has begun and 'will take a few weeks' to complete

The City of Calgary has begun the process of eliminating hundreds of positions in order to help achieve $60 million in budget reductions approved by council earlier this week.

Why Calgary 'will not be making money' from the arena deal — but that's not the only consideration

"Bottom line ... the whole project is equivalent to losing $47 million today," University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe says of the city's financial figures.

Albertans who died from opioids were overwhelmingly in these lines of work

A review by Alberta Health found the most common occupations, by far, among people who died from opioids in 2017 were "trades, transport and equipment operators."

Alberta invites feedback on plan to relax regulations and lower carbon tax on heavy industrial emitters

For the next 3½ weeks, the new UCP government will invite feedback, before moving ahead with its proposal to loosen regulations on some of the province's most carbon-intensive industrial facilities and reduce the carbon tax that specifically applies to them.

Thawing soil threatens this historic site, but Parks Canada won't say it's because of climate change

Internal documents obtained by CBC News reveal disagreement over how Parks Canada should frame the message about sudden erosion around base of Abbot Pass Hut on Alberta-B.C. border.

Kenney said NDP 'lied' about Alberta's finances. New numbers suggest otherwise

Premier Jason Kenney accused the previous NDP government of lying to Albertans about the province's finances but, after new numbers put out by his own government painted a different picture, Kenney is facing similar accusations, himself.

Gas prices jump in Calgary as long weekend approaches and carbon dioxide levels rise

Regular fuel at some stations in Calgary jumped to $1.159 per litre Thursday morning, while average CO2 levels in the Earth's atmosphere rose to 410 parts per million.

Why this economist says equalization reform isn't the answer if Alberta wants help during its busts

Many Albertans have long complained that Canada's equalization system isn't there for them when their province goes through a recession, but this economist says calls for reform should be focused, instead, on a lesser known federal program of wealth distribution.