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Robson Fletcher's work for CBC Calgary focuses on data, analysis and investigative journalism. He joined CBC in 2015 after spending the previous decade working as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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Retail sales plunged in April but Alberta's declines were smaller than most

Retail sales fell across the country in April amid widespread shutdowns due to COVID-19, while Alberta's declines were the second smallest among all provinces.

Alberta walks back claim people are buying more alcohol and cannabis during pandemic

Are Albertans actually buying more booze and weed because of the pandemic? The province is walking back a claim to that effect, after being asked for data to back it up.

Most Albertans approve of government responses to COVID-19, but 'political lens' skews our views

Albertans are pretty happy with how their governments have handled the COVID-19 pandemic so far, with some notable differences in attitudes, particularly along party lines.

Alberta's pandemic paradox: we're stressed out, losing income, yet feeling better about finances

A CBC News Road Ahead poll finds people in this province are earning less due to COVID-19, yet feeling better about their financial situations, especially young people.

Alberta rescinds decades-old policy that banned open-pit coal mines in Rockies and Foothills

Alberta is cancelling blanket environmental protections that have been in place since the 1970s and making it easier to develop open-pit coal mines in some of the province's most ecologically sensitive areas.

How Parks Canada's online reservation system buckled — again — under the weight of would-be Banff campers

It's an annual ritual for many would-be campers: logging on to the Parks Canada online reservation system the moment it opens, only to see the website slow to a crawl or crash altogether. Parks Canada thought it had things figured out this year — but no such luck, internal emails show.

Playground zone tickets are up in Calgary for the first time in years but police say it's not a cash grab

The 22 per cent increase reversed years of declines and came shortly after Calgary police asked city council to hire more officers, using increased fine revenue to pay for it.

Another quarter-million Albertans lost work in April as COVID-19 shutdown grips province

Nearly a quarter-million more Albertans lost work in April as the economic shutdown due to COVID-19 continued, with young workers — particularly young women — being disproportionately affected.

In 2 weeks, this Alberta city went from just a few cases of COVID-19 to the province's biggest hotspot

As Alberta prepares to re-open sectors of the economy that have been closed for weeks, the experience of one small city in late April offers a reminder of just how quickly COVID-19 can spread.

Albertans diagnosed with COVID-19 are younger and end up in hospital less often. This is likely why

If you look closely at the numbers coming out of Alberta, you'll notice something strange — especially compared to B.C. and Ontario.

How long will COVID-19 affect our lives? Here's what 500+ mayors and councillors think

How much longer will this all go on? New research led out of the University of Calgary offers a window into that, by asking the people who will be making many of the decisions that shape our daily lives — municipal leaders.

COVID-19 obliterates 117,000 Albertans' jobs, hitting young, female service workers hardest

We knew the numbers would be bad and, on Thursday, we got to see just how bad, as Statistics Canada released new data on the employment picture nationally and here in Alberta.

Why are so few Albertans in hospital with COVID-19? Here are some possible explanations

In the COVID-19 models that Alberta has been working on since January and just released on Wednesday, the "probable" scenario forecasts that 200 people would be in hospital by April 8.

Why Alberta's COVID-19 testing numbers have been down lately — and are set to pick back up

After peaking above 4,000 tests per day at one point, we've been completing only about 900 per day, on average, for the past three days.

Alberta hospitals prepare for COVID-19 influx 'that will certainly test our capacity'

Patients with COVID-19 have been showing up in increasing numbers at Alberta hospitals and things remain manageable for the time being, but doctors are bracing for a potential influx of patients that could push the system close to its limits.