Rob Anders sorry after 'temporary Tory' mix-up

MP Rob Anders has apologized after he mistakenly identified a Liberal party member as a "temporary Tory" during a press conference on Thursday.

Conservative Calgary MP named wrong person when attempting to out people 'hijacking' nomination battle

MP Rob Anders holds up a list of what he calls "temporary Tories" in the Conservative Party nomination battle for the riding of Calgary Signal Hill. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

MP Rob Anders has apologized after he mistakenly identified a Liberal party member as a "temporary Tory" during a press conference Thursday.

"Following additional research, we have concluded that two individuals with the same name, Janice Kinch, produced a case of inadvertent mistaken identity," said a statement posted on Anders' campaign website Friday morning. "Our campaign has communicated with these individuals this morning and issued a formal apology to both."

On Thursday, Anders said he had a list of "temporary Tories" — people he accuses of being intent to block his move to represent the federal Conservatives in the newly-created riding of Signal Hill.

Anders said Janice Kinch, who ran for the federal Liberals in 2011 as their candidate for Calgary West, was registered as a Conservative voter. In fact, it was another Janice Kinch who is registered as a federal Tory in the riding. That Kinch told CBC News on Thursday that Anders had not tried to contact her and said she is frustrated by the confusion.

Anders to continue naming 'temporary Tories'

Anders named three people on the list Thursday and said he will continue to release more names until voting day April 12. 

Greg Schmidt and Buzz Bishop, the other two people named, are still on the list, said Anders.

Anders' campaign released the initials of what they call "another liberal turned temporary Tory" on Friday.

"CK is hardly a conservative," said a post on Anders' website. "They have donated over $350 to the Liberal Party of Canada."

The six-term backbencher is running against former Alberta PC cabinet minister Ron Liepert for the Conservative nomination in Signal Hill.

It's not clear whether Anders' campaign attempted to verify the names before releasing them to the media.


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