Rob Anders battles Ron Liepert for Calgary Signal Hill Tory nomination

Federal Tories in the new riding of Calgary Signal Hill vote Saturday on who will carry the party banner in the next federal election.

Backbench Conservative MP being challenged by former Alberta cabinet minister in Saturday vote

The nomination race for Calgary's newly redrawn Signal Hill riding features controversial Conservative Rob Anders 2:30

Federal Tories in the new riding of Calgary Signal Hill vote Saturday on who will carry the party banner in the next federal election.

Six-term backbench MP Rob Anders is facing off against Ron Liepert, a former Alberta cabinet minister, for the Conservative nomination.

Liepert says Anders has represented his Calgary constituents poorly.

“You know the incumbent has been around for 17 years and it's really hard to point at any kind of substantive list of accomplishments in that time,” Liepert said.

Anders, who hasn't responded this week to requests for an interview, has said Liepert is a red Tory enlisting other red Tories in his bid to take the riding away from a true Conservative.

“This is a classic red versus blue battle and the only time the reds have a chance is when they sign up fellow travellers and Liberals in this case,” Anders said.

Mount Royal University political scientist Lori Williams says the grudge-match might boost membership sales but it may also hurt the Conservative brand with voters.

“These races and the negative press that they're getting around these races is not helping them, for certain,” she said. 


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