Road repairs set to begin on buckled Crowchild section

City crews are getting ready to patch up a buckled section of Crowchild Trail that's been causing troubles for commuters on the busy road.

Section of pavement buckled following a December watermain repair

City crews are getting ready to repair a section of Crowchild Trail that has been causing troubles for commuters along the busy road.

A section of pavement at 33rd Ave. S.W. buckled in early April following repairs to a watermain break in December.

The two left-hand, southbound lanes are closed for the repairs and the speed limit in the area is reduced.

"This isn't a full paving," says Jennifer Thompson-Goldberg, a spokesperson with the City of Calgary. "We won't be doing the full surface overlay program on that part of Crowchild Trail. That takes up to six to eight weeks and at this time we just want to make it safe for drivers."

Crews have been waiting for the snow and rain to let up before starting the repair, Thompson-Goldberg says.

The city expects the bump should be fixed by Saturday afternoon.