The Road Ahead: All about Alberta's roads

Roads are right there beneath our feet every day, but we don't usually think about them, unless something goes wrong. Here, we take a proactive approach, exploring the history, the future — and even the psychology — of Alberta's relationship with roads.

A roundup of the stories from our mini-series exploring the various routes that span this vast province

Cars en route to Banff, circa 1911, as part of a Calgary Auto Club outing. In this photo, club members are trying to help a fellow motorist who's having trouble with his tire. (Glenbow Archives/NA-2414-1)

Over the past week, CBC Calgary brought you a series of articles exploring the history, the future — and even the psychology — of Alberta's relationship with roads.

The stories are part of a larger series we call The Road Ahead, which takes an in-depth look at our province as it emerges from a challenging recession and forges a new path forward.

These aren't your typical stories. They delve into the details in a way the daily news cycle can't. They embrace complexity and explore ideas. They raise questions but don't necessarily offer answers. They aim to be a catalyst for discussion.

In case you missed them, here are links to each article in the roads series.

How Alberta built enough roads to reach the moon

What paved the way for a province's transformation from rural backwater to economic powerhouse: A history of Alberta's roads from the 1700s through to today.

Why slamming on the brakes won't stop a new kind of speed camera that could end up on Alberta roads

Drivers may hate them, but road-safety advocates see average-speed cameras as "silver bullet" against speeding.

How we could build roads for fallible humans rather than 'perfect operators'

"It's not that historically we didn't value safety; it's just that we were relying on individual users to be perfect operators, which isn't realistic."

Why are people such jerks on the road? A Calgary driver, cyclist and pedestrian weigh in

We all have our own idea of who's the biggest jerk in traffic. But others disagree. To see the fuller picture, we brought together three Calgarians with three different ways of getting around the city. And we had a conversation.

How to design a road that shouts, 'slow 'er down!'

If Calgary wants to reduce speeds, we have to design roads that speak to our subconscious. Here's the psychology behind the engineering.

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