The Road Ahead: All about the Alberta budget

These aren't your typical stories. They delve into the details in a way the daily news cycle can't. They embrace complexity and explore ideas. They raise questions but don't necessarily offer answers. They aim to be a catalyst for discussion.

A roundup of the stories from our mini-series exploring our province's financial situation

The Alberta legislature in Edmonton, where the provincial government's budget for 2018/19 will be revealed on March 22. (CBC)

In the weeks leading up to the release of Alberta's 2018 budget, CBC Calgary brought you a series of articles exploring the issues, numbers and context that surround this province's difficult financial situation.

The stories are part of a larger series we call The Road Ahead, which takes an in-depth look at our province as it emerges from a challenging recession and forges a new path forward.

These aren't your typical stories. They delve into the details in a way the daily news cycle can't. They embrace complexity and explore ideas. They raise questions but don't necessarily offer answers. They aim to be a catalyst for discussion.

In case you missed them, here are summaries of and links to each article in the budget series.

Glory days ahead vs. impending doom: The political rhetoric over Alberta's financial future

A look at the rhetoric of numbers leading up to the budget, and how both parties spin numbers to further their own claims. We examine how that's done and how it's spun.

Alberta's budget: You've heard the spin, now take a look at the real numbers

The budget is complicated enough on its own, let alone with multiple layers of political spin piled on top. So we've boiled down the key numbers for you.

Alberta's debt is growing, so how much is too much for Albertans?

a man in a cowboy hat holds a sign saying 'paid in full'

Alberta is still borrowing, and that's become a political weapon. The UCP is hammering the NDP, suggesting Alberta is set to plunge off a fiscal cliff. But how close to the edge are we, actually? Brooks DeCillia on the politics of debt and deficit.

Borrow-and-spend vs. tax-and-cut: How Alberta and Saskatchewan deal with deficit

Faced with similar financial dilemmas, these provinces made very different choices. Who's right remains a matter of debate.

Jason Kenney's relationship with carbon taxes: It's complicated

The United Conservative Party is talking about scrapping the NDP's Climate Leadership Plan while bringing back a PC-era price on carbon for large emitters. What would that mean for Alberta? We delve into the details.

We need to have a 'difficult conversation' about Alberta's health-care costs

Doctors wearing medical scrubs are shown inside of a hospital room.

Spending has been soaring — particularly on our oldest patients — and at this rate, something's got to give.

An Alberta sales tax: The unpopular idea that just won't die

Alberta became the first province in Canada to adopt a sales tax in 1936 and the first province to repeal a sales tax in 1937. We've been without a PST ever since, but have never stopped talking about bringing one back.

Alberta spends $2.4M an hour on health care —​ here's what's being done to reduce it

The provincial government knows it needs to slow costs to bend the ever increasing upward line on health-care spending. The governing NDP must, in fact, contain health spending to help balance the province's books by 2023-24. Here's what's been done, so far, and what's in store.

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