Rick Mercer Report takes on Calgary's toboggan bylaw

CBC coverage of Calgary's toboggan bylaw got a lot of people talking recently, including comedian Rick Mercer.

Meet Upton and Downey: Undercover toboggan cops in Calgary

Calgary's toboggan bylaw has received a lot of attention lately after CBC reported there are only 18 legal locations to take part in the classic winter activity in the city.

While no one has ever been fined for sliding down an unapproved hill, the story had some people questioning whether the bylaw went too far in the name of public safety.

Comedian Rick Mercer also decided to weigh in. His show posted a YouTube video Wednesday that highlights the fictitious story of undercover toboggan cops Upton and Downey.

"Their beat is the hills," said the Mercer Report post.

The short video shows the duo responding to a "code white in southeast Calgary" and the interrogation of a young slider looking to have some fun.

"I've seen what these hills can do to cops. It chews them up and spits them out. Go home to your wife and kids," says Downey in the video.

"With degenerates like that out there? I'm a toboggan cop Downey. And a damn good one," replies Upton.

Back in the real world, Calgary city council said last week it hopes to create more legal tobogganing locations.

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