Richard White

Author Everyday Tourist blog

Richard White has served on the Calgary Planning Commission (Citizen at Large), the Calgary Tourism Board, the Calgary Public Art Board and the Tourism Calgary Board. He writes a blog called Everyday Tourist about the city, and has written extensively on Calgary's urban development.

Latest from Richard White

OPINION | Let's face reality about Calgary's potential as a tech hub

Calgary’s leaders learned from the failed Amazon headquarters bid in 2017 that, while Calgary is a highly educated city, we lack the trained software engineers, data scientists, coders and programmers needed to convince medium to large tech firms to relocate here.

OPINION | Calgary ahead of the curve on modern architecture

Calgary’s architecture has often been criticized for being too boxy and conservative. Not any more.

OPINION | Looking for a way out of Calgary's affordable housing crisis

To keep up with current demand, Calgary needs to build 2,000 new affordable homes every year. We are averaging about 300.

OPINION | New ideas tested to create urban vitality in Calgary neighbourhoods

The authors of a new book have identified six urban magnets to attract people to a place and encourage them to spend time there.

OPINION | Calgary Stampede: More than just a rodeo

Beyond the money and the bucking broncos, what a lot of people don’t realize is that one of Canada’s largest and most diverse arts festivals has also just been cancelled.

OPINION | It's time to rediscover the joys of walking

Over the past week, I have seen more people walking in Calgary than ever before. I hope this will be a lesson for them to incorporate more walking into their everyday lives on a permanent basis.

OPINION | Revitalizing downtown Calgary, one tiny office at a time

The transformation of Calgary's towers from huge oil and gas head offices to small tech startups won’t happen overnight.

OPINION | Calgary's slogan should be 'The Family Friendly City'

Calgary shouldn’t be focusing on trying to attract the young, hip, tech worker, looking for big city culture and nightlife. We should be trying to attract the 30-something tech workers who are looking to settle down and raise a family.

OPINION | Don't be surprised if the West Village lies dormant for another 20 years

Remember CalgaryNext? The huge arena complex was supposed to trigger the redevelopment of the land around the old Greyhound bus terminal. What happens to the land now that the new arena is being built elsewhere?

If we want to increase transit use in Calgary, better is more important than cheaper

If you want to entice more people to leave their cars at home, improving transit service is more important than reducing fares.

Calgary lags behind on transit-oriented development

If the future of urban living in North American cities is linked to creating vibrant, dense communities next to LRT stations, why isn't Calgary fast-tracking TOD development?

OPINION | Calgary's public realm: The neglect is starting to show

While the City of Calgary continues to create significant improvements to the city’s public realm with new projects, it often comes at the expense of the maintenance of older and smaller public realm areas.

OPINION | Green Line revisited: Why these former transit managers now say buses are better than rail

It is probably too late, but the City of Calgary should consider constructing the Green Line as a bus rapid transit (BRT) route rather than light rail transit (LRT).

$500-million BMO Centre is not going to turn Calgary into a top-tier convention city

Richard White says a study should have been done to determine Calgary’s potential as a major convention, trade show and event centre and how best to utilize existing and expanded facilities before megabucks were given for expansion of the BMO Centre.

How to create a new Calgary neighbourhood in 12 not-so-easy steps: Part 3

Building new communities is a risky, high stakes business that can take 25-plus years from land acquisition to completion. It isn't for the weak of heart.