Richard White

Author Everyday Tourist blog

Richard White has served on the Calgary Planning Commission (Citizen at Large), the Calgary Tourism Board, The Calgary Public Art Board, and the Tourism Calgary Board. He writes a blog called Everyday Tourist about our city, and has written extensively on Calgary's urban development.

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Calgary lagging behind on transit-oriented development

If the future of urban living in North American cities is linked to creating vibrant, dense communities next to LRT stations, why isn't Calgary fast tracking TOD development?

OPINION | The more I visit Calgary's new Central Library, the less I like it

Yes, Calgary’s new Central Library has received international design praise, but I have to wonder if these out-of-town reviewers were only interested in how it looks and not how it functions.

There's a whole lot of unanswered questions around the new arena and entertainment district

"If the plans lead with all of the publicly funded projects first, in the hope that private-sector projects will follow, it could be a recipe for disaster," says urban writer Richard White.

Oh ya?! Says you! Or, how Calgary's development system leads to conflict

How drawn-out debate and disagreement can lead to higher home prices. Richard White on the struggles between neighbours, city officials and developers as they try to hash out a vision for Calgary.

Why Calgarians should have to pay for the parking spot in front of their house

Maybe you should have to pay to park in front of your own home. Richard White offers a curbside reality check. And we want to hear from you. Let the seething begin.

Can Calgary really cram 650,000 more people into existing neighbourhoods?

The city’s long-term plan to limit sprawl contains some 'noble goals,' says Richard White, but pulling it off will be a 'herculean task.'

Calgary now has 202 neighbourhoods: Should we get rid of some?

Amalgamating communities into larger chunks would come with some advantages — and some downsides.

We need to fix up 17th Avenue, but we'd better not screw it up

Improving the parts we don't like while preserving the parts we love will be a tricky balance.

Why a whopping 6,500 condo units are being built in Calgary right now

New projects are popping up everywhere in Calgary: city centre, inner-city and suburbs. Is there really a market for all of these homes? Here's what's behind the condo boom.

Why we should turn Calgary's empty office towers over to the creative economy

"Here the in the land of oil and gas, in the land of suit-and-tie 'business', we could create — an artists' colony." Calgary urban design writer Richard White on a possible solution to one of our city's core problems.

Calgary's global architecture, a nifty walking tour

Join well-known Calgary urban design critic and bon vivant Richard White, as he walks us through the best buildings our city has to offer. There's a trove of "new" in and amongst Calgary's square towers of yesteryear.

A Calgary Olympic bid: Can it pull us out of the doldrums a second time?

Back in the '80s our city was in the dumps. We were in a recession, oil prices were way down, business vacancy rates were up. And so we threw ourselves a little party. The Winter Olympics. Would another Olympics be just the thing to boost our current collective Calgary fortunes?

Design wars: It's Edmonton vs. Calgary for the architectural cup

While Edmonton is the media darling of late, if you examine the 'battle of two city centres' from an urban design perspective, Calgary might actually be winning. Richard White on the race between Alberta's two biggest cities as they try to outdesign each other.

Possible futures for the CP Rail line in downtown Calgary

'The track of the Canadian Pacific Railway is a fundamental part of our urban geography,' says Richard White. But is it an economic link to the world, or a bit of urban blight? And what's the future of the steel rails that run through Calgary's core?

Revitalizing Calgary's core: Some possibilities for rebirth

Richard White on how other cities have weathered tough economic times and downturns, and what Calgary can learn from their success. From off the wall ideas, to stuff that's already happening to keep our core vibrant.