Restaurant Review: John Gilchrist visits Laurier Lounge

Restaurant reviewer John Gilchrist visits Laurier Lounge on Seventh Street S.W. after its recent upgrade.

Cozy spot combines fine dining with history

John Gilchrist gives French-influenced Laurier Lounge a nine out of 10. (Courtesy Laurier Lounge)

If you eat at the Laurier Lounge at 1111 Seventh Street S.W. you're stepping into a bit of Canadian history.

The restaurant is located in a house that once belonged to George Stanley, the man who designed the Canadian flag.

The place got a bit of an upgrade recently so John Gilchrist decided to try it out.

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"It's the go-to place in Calgary for fondue," said Gilchrist.

Laurier Lounge also has an eclectic menu that is French influenced, including various versions of poutine and French classics such as cassoulet.

A new team of chefs, excellent service and a fine wine selection has "vaulted" Laurier Lounge into the top level of restaurants, according to Gilchrist.

He scores it nine out of 10.

John Gilchrist says Laurier Lounge is one of Calgary's top restaurants. (CBC)