Restaurant Review: John Gilchrist tries Glory of India

The Calgary Eyeopener's John Gilchrist stopped by Glory of India in the downtown core to see if it stands up to his review 11 years ago.

'The food is great, the service is excellent'

Glory of India mixes traditional Indian cuisine with ingredients like prawns, lamb and a great mixture of dishes from north and south India. (Courtesy Glory of India)

Calgary Eyeopener restaurant reviewer John Gilchrist stopped by Glory of India to see if it still stands up to his name since opening in 2002.

The Indian restaurant is located right in the heart of downtown Calgary at 515 Fourth Avenue S.W. The corporate crowd keeps this place bustling during the lunch hour but it is less busy in the evening and on weekend when workers are out of the core.

Part of the reason Glory of India has survived for so long in an area where so many come and go might have something to do with the high quality of its cuisine.

The chefs push beyond traditional Indian dishes to include prawn and lamb as well as a variety of cuisines from both northern and southern India.

The fish amritsari is one of the best dishes Gilchrist says he has tried in a while. The fish is marinated in Indian aromatic spices and dipped in chickpea batter before being deep-fried. The chickpea massala, saag paneer and tandoori prawns are also fantastic options.

The strength of the cuisine here comes from the richness of spices, Gilchrist says.

All of the spices are ground in-house and blended for maximum freshness.

"The food is great, the service is excellent," Gilchrist said. "If you really want to get away from the noisy and crowded restaurants that people email me about, this is probably a good option."

John Gilchrist gives Glory of India 8.5 forks out of 10. (CBC)