Residents deal with aftermath of S.W. condo fire

Residents are dealing with the damage left after a fire ripped through a portion of the Southampton Green Condominium Complex in Calgary's southwest.

18 people were put up by Red Cross and several others are staying with friends and family

Residents forced from their homes after fire ripped through their condo complex may be out for a longtime. 2:10

Residents are dealing with the damage left after a fire ripped through a portion of the Southampton Green Condominium Complex in Calgary's southwest.

The blaze forced dozens of people from their homes after flames destroyed the third floor of one of the buildings located in the 300 block of Southhampton Drive.

Resident David Landage credits a fast response from firefighters and a firewall for limiting the damage to other areas of the condo complex. (Stacee Barton/CBC)

Battalion Chief Ernie Molineaux says 18 people were put up by Red Cross and several others are staying with friends and family.

The fire department says it doesn't know the cause of the fire yet or when residents can go back. Molineaux said it will take some time to rebuild.

David Landage's building is one over from where he saw "unnatural" smoke on a patio.

He was able to get into the building to pull the fire alarm and then called 911. He wants to credit the fire crew for responding quickly.

"When I placed the call at 1:36 p.m. they were here in two minutes," he said.

He says he has some smoke damage in his unit, but is grateful for the firewall that saved adjacent buildings from the flames.

'They just lost everything'

Michelle Ambrus also lives in a building next to where the fire started. She was working her shift at Tim Hortons when someone told her it was her complex that went up in flames.

She said all she could think about was her two kids.

"I didn't know what building it was, so I was running home panicking wondering if it was my kids inside," she said.

"I think I made it home in about two minutes because I ran home as fast as I could."

Her kids and her belongings were safe, but some of her neighbours weren't so lucky.

"One of them was a mom that just moved here from Mexico with three small kids, and they just lost everything," said Ambrus.

Ambrus says she is busy gathering blankets and clothes to donate to the woman.