Raft-puncturing rebar in Bow River now marked, Calgary Fire Department says

The Calgary Fire Department says it is working with other government agencies to deal with partially submerged rebar that's creating a water hazard on the Bow River near Crowchild Trail.

Metal believed to have ended up in location near Crowchild Trail in 2013 flood

A firefighter walks along the bank of the Bow River near a piece of partially submerged rebar that has been marked to warn boaters. (Calgary Fire Department)

The Calgary Fire Department says it's working with other government agencies to deal with submerged rebar that's creating a water hazard on the Bow River near Crowchild Trail.

The fire department received nine separate calls for help over the weekend when rafts were either snagged or punctured by metal lurking just below or poking just above the water's surface.

District Chief Bruce Gelhorn said it appears the rebar may have been deposited in that location as a result of the 2013 flood.

"It is a risk," Gelhorn said. "That's why we're taking it very seriously and involved all the other agencies, our safety partners in Calgary to try and mitigate the problem right now and come up with a longer term plan to remove the hazard completely from the river."

For now, warnings signs have been placed at points where rafters enter the river and the fire department has marked the area around the rebar.

The Calgary Fire Department released this image depicting where the problem rebar is located. (Calgary Fire Department/Google Maps)

Kerr Drummond with Lazy Day Raft Rentals said one of their rubber rafts was damaged when a metal bar "went right through it."

"We've actually never had any issues in the whole nine years we've run this business, Drummond said.