Rabies case in Calgary confirmed

AHS confirms a case of rabies in a Calgary dog which has since been destroyed

Dog came from Canada's north, has been euthanized

A puppy in Calgary had to be euthanized recently after it was confirmed the animal had rabies.

The five-month-old puppy had come from Nunavut. According the Alberta Health Services, there has not been a case of rabies diagnosed in a domestic animal in Calgary for years.

Medical examiner Dr. David Strong says rabies in this part of the world is more common in wildlife.

"The most common animals for rabies would be bats, foxes and skunks."

Dogs who play in off-leash parks are at higher risk of running into a rabies-infected animal.

Dr. Strong says everyone who came into contact with the dog has been checked and cleared.

There was no record the infected dog had been vaccinated according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Health officials say the incident is a good reminder to pet owners to keep vaccines up to date.