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Virtual party food: Julie Van Rosendaal gives some snacky recipes for you to make this holiday season

Even though you may not be opening your house to the same number of people for the holidays, Julie Van Rosendaal says the following recipes can be used for any virtual parties you may attend this year.

Recipes from Julie Van Rosendaal: Taste trendy hot cocoa bombs at home

These cocoa and marshmallow stuffed spheres are selling out at stores, here's the recipe to make them at home.

Recipes from Julie Van Rosendaal: Cinnamon buns as an act of self-care

Homemade cinnamon buns have always been popular for holiday weekends and leisurely brunches, but this year, they've become a go-to comfort in a time of pandemic baking.

Slow simmering dinners from baked beans to braised pork not just for weekends now

Those meals that were once relegated to weekends — long-simmered stews and braises, soaked and simmered pots of beans, and breads that require some rising time — can be weeknight dinners, now that we’re home to monitor them.

Recipes from Julie Van Rosendaal: Spooky treats to conjure the Halloween spirit

Whether or not trick-or-treating is part of your weekend plans, we all need to eat, and these pies, 'meat hands' and fried-dough treats will make Halloween a bit more festive.

Recipes from Julie Van Rosendaal: Comfort (food) in the time of COVID

Comfort food can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but most of us can relate to the idea that there's a strong connection between food and comfort, often rooted in nostalgia.

It's not leftovers, it's homemade convenience food

From perogies to ravioli, cakes to fried rice, there are many ways to make use of every last delicious bit of leftover ingredients.

Calgary Food Bank saves potatoes from compost heap by turning them into soup

A surplus of potatoes led the Calgary Food Bank to collaborate with Devour Catering and chef Julie Van Rosendaal to make 1,000 two-cup servings of soup for its clients.

Pep up your meals with fresh peppers

Though fall is often thought of as apple season, it’s also pepper season — a time of year when you’ll find dozens of varieties of brightly coloured peppers with a range of heat levels at markets across the city (and country).

Make the most of garlic season with savoury spaghetti and phyllo dishes

You can store whole heads of garlic in a cool, dark, dry place — not in the refrigerator — and you can freeze whole raw bulbs, in their skins, or individual cloves, which can also be frozen while chopped.

Sowing the seeds from your garden in the kitchen

Here are a few things to do with the seeds you harvest! Julie van Rosendaal offers several ideas, such as making dukkah and bialys.

It's the salad days of summer, but don't limit yourself to tossed greens

Though it’s easy to default to the thought of tossed greens, salads can be built out of just about any ingredients.

What to cook if you're home alone

Feeding yourself when you’re home alone is different for everyone, and may depend if you live alone or have to cook for a family every night. Either way, it's often a good time for single-serving comfort food.

Entertaining in the age of COVID requires easy recipes for individual servings

Spanakopita bites, satay chicken skewers and one-pot cheesecakes are perfect dishes for individual servings at a safe, backyard get-together.

Tart up your summer desserts with plump saskatoon berries

Around late July, the prairie berries grow plump and turn deep indigo, ready to be foraged from parks, riverbanks and side streets.

Hardy perennial lovage is delicious in soups, stuffings and fritters

In southern and eastern European countries, where it has long been cultivated, lovage is often referred to as "the gravy herb" for its affinity to dishes like roast chicken and soup.

Bring midway food home for Stampede 2020

One of the things Calgarians are undoubtedly missing this first week of July is the midway food — deep-fried, stuffed and served on a stick.

Small-batch jam a perfect way to use up extra fruit

Historically, pickling and preserving — and making compotes and jams — was a means of preserving the harvest to keep it shelf-stable throughout the winter. Today, it can be a useful way to reduce food waste. 

Grape-Nuts ice cream is like breakfast and dessert in one creamy, crunchy bowl

Grape-Nuts: they aren’t grape, nor are they nuts. The high-fibre cereal is made from a large baked whole wheat and malted barley-based biscuit that’s ground and retoasted.

Try fresh, crunchy radishes either roasted, pickled or peppered

Radishes are tasty and easy to grow. CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal offers three ways to try them.

Spice up the BBQ with salmon, mussels and cauliflower steak

With warm weather coinciding with a particularly urgent need to get outdoors this year, cooking dinner in the backyard has become a popular means of escaping the confines of our usual mealtime spaces. Try these recipes for cauliflower steaks, grilled mussels with garlic, butter and lemon, and cedar-planked salmon.

Picnic-perfect dishes for outdoor pandemic dining

Across the city, Calgarians have been seeking out sunny spots to spread out and enjoy lunch or dinner — and even breakfast. Here are a few recipes to try out.

How to dress up your pasta from the pantry

Pasta has become an inexpensive, versatile and shelf-stable staple for many who want to limit trips to the grocery store.

Homemade pasta beats the isolation blues

Dry pasta has been one of the staples to fly off store shelves in recent weeks as people prepare virtually all their meals at home, and seek out inexpensive, shelf-stable pantry items to stock up on in order to limit trips to the grocery store.

Tips for digging deep through your pantry (and navigating expiry dates) during isolation

Many people are eating through their stores of food in their pantries and freezers as they stay home because of COVID-19. And, of course, not everyone can always afford to stock up, so it can be tricky coming across items that have been in there ... a long time.

Flatbreads a great yeast-less option for Covid-19 breadmaking

Roti, paratha and tortillas are versatile, unleavened breads that can be made with pantry staples. Calgary Eyeopener's food guide Julie van Rosendaal offers a recipe to try out during these pandemic days.

'The world needs strong leaders': Alberta's medical face of COVID-19 shines light in dark times

A Calgary assistant principal was so inspired by the daily COVID-19 updates from Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, she came up with a shirt that is raising thousands of dollars for children and food banks across the province.

COVID-19 got you needing groceries, prescriptions or just a chat? There's a Facebook page for that

A Calgary man who saw his community step up during the 2013 floods says a Facebook page he started is connecting those in self-isolation due to the coronavirus​​​​​​​ and volunteers in ways he never imagined.

An Italian pasta and bean dish that's fun to say, and easy to cook

A recipe for Pasta e Faglioli and a list of good items to keep stocked up in the pantry.

Celebrate pancake day with flapjacks from around the world

It's Shrove Tuesday, and if you're celebrating by making pancakes, there's a world of options. Not all pancakes have to be sweet.

Spudnuts: Try making your own fluffy, potato-based doughnuts

There's much excitement in Lethbridge this week over the return of the beloved spudnut, which has been a staple in the city since the mid-1950s. If you're not in the area, try this recipe at home.

Valentine recipes that you can make for or with your special someone

Cooking something that requires a bit more preparation time can be a bonding and even romantic experience — plus you can avoid the busy restaurant scene on Valentine's Day.

Pudding, bars and butter add new twist to classic peanut butter and jelly combo

CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal offers several recipes that feature the favourite flavours but take little preparation. Try making your own nut butter and these yummy desserts.

Rinsing the chicken, not salting the bean water and other kitchen habits you can drop

Does adding oil to the water keep pasta from sticking? Julie Van Rosendaal takes on popular cooking myths.

The baking project that's not as high-maintenance as you think: Sourdough

The midwinter months seem to be sourdough season — the time of year when people resolve to be thriftier and make things from scratch. Sourdough starters have been known to last for generations, and are said to improve and become more complex with age.

Wintertime recipes: 5 hot meals for cold days

When it's too cold to head out to the grocery store, it's helpful to know how to make a few things out of the staples you likely already have in your pantry.

5 tips to spend less money on food, and eat better for it

A little more time spent planning and in the kitchen can lead to positive impacts on your health, the planet and your wallet, says Julie Van Rosendaal.

Treats to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas

Ukrainian Christmas Eve falls on Jan. 6, 2020, and with one of the highest Ukrainian populations outside of Ukraine, there will be plenty of feasting taking place on the Canadian prairies.

CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive beats $1M goal on Blitz Day

Thank you, Calgary! With your help, this year's Blitz Day for the CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive helped push the total raised past the million-dollar goal, raising $1,031,125 and counting.

Get a head start on your holiday meal to avoid day-of stress

Being on kitchen duty over the holidays can be overwhelming, with multiple courses to time and more people than usual around your table. But a lot of the prep for your big feast can be done in advance!

It's cookie swap season. Are you filled with the Christmas baking spirit?

Christmas cookie exchanges can be a great way to get all the baking you need; to cut down on the fuss, consider a cookie dough exchange.

Bah Humbug! Christmas Carol recipes for your home

Julie Van Rosendaal was asked to collaborate on a special Dickens-style dessert for a special set menu inspired by A Christmas Carol. She also put together a menu you could make yourself at home, whether you plan to see the Theatre Calgary live performance or watch one of the film versions on your own couch. 

Julie Van Rosendaal shares recipes for easy chai, hot chocolate and zesty warm lemonade

With the temperature dropping, it’s time to seek out warm beverages. CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal has recipes for easy chai, hot chocolate and zesty warm lemonade

Here's 2 recipes for champions of the humble yet divisive raisin

Here are two raisiny recipes from Julie Van Rosendaal, from a stunning holiday bread to a warm, grain-filled salad.

Try these tasty and unusual Thanksgiving leftover ideas

There’s nothing wrong with turkey soup or sandwiches. But if you're looking to break from those time-honoured leftover traditions, these recipes might do the trick.

Thanksgiving dinner must-haves for your weekend celebrations

To prepare so many dishes at once can be daunting, so we pulled together a few ideas — including some must-haves from the Eyeopener crew to inspire your feasts, and hopefully take off some of the pressure.

Julie Van Rosendaal's tips for packing a lunch your kid wants to eat

It's only the first week of the new school year, but if you've already run out of lunch ideas that are not only nutritious but delicious, CBC Calgary food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal has some helpful tips for you.

Pies, pickles and preserves dominate pages of cookbooks in the 1800s

The Canadian Home Cook Book 1877 was one of the most complete books on the duties of the housewife for English Canadians.

It's not all Jell-O & frozen peanut butter: Some salads in vintage cookbooks we'd actually enjoy today

It’s tricky to avoid Jell-O salads when diving through old cookbooks.
Vintage Cookbooks

Nellie Lyle Pattinson's Canadian Cook Book delivers vintage Rhubarb Charlotte

This week, we pulled Nellie Lyle Pattinson’s Canadian Cook Book off the shelf. Canada’s first mass-produced cookbook was initially published in 1923 and authored by Nellie Pattinson.
Vintage cookbooks

Recipes without measurements: Making puddings from the Galt cookbook

Julie takes us back in time, introducing recipes from the oldest cookbook in her collection: The Galt cookbook.
Vintage cookbooks

Five Roses Cookbook delivers Canada's first delicious butter tarts

CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal digs deep into old cookbooks for some vintage recipes.

Make your own midway deep-fried treats

Stampede is deep-fried food season. You can find sweet treats in a multitude of forms on the midway. CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal tells how to make them at home.

Recipes with Julie: Mouth-watering mac and cheese

Can't make the mac and cheese festival this weekend? CBC's food guide has you covered with recipes to satisfy KD cravings.

Julie Van Rosendaal reunites 1928 cookbook with original owner's family, 91 years later

When she came across an Alberta cookbook published in 1928, Julie Van Rosendaal did what any cookbook collector would: she tried a few recipes. Then when the story aired on CBC Radio, she heard from relatives of the original owner — and returned it to them.

Spam sushi? Hawaiian creation is a fun take on canned meat

Actor John Cleese, who starred in the famous Monty Python Spam sketch, is in Calgary this week for a comedy show at Arts Commons. We try a unique but popular Spam recipe with Julie Van Rosendaal.

Recipes for pakoras, chutney and more offer springtime onion tastiness

Here are a few suggestions for dishes to try this spring — and different kinds of onions to test out in your kitchen.

Dishes to delight campers: The time to cook, dine outdoors approaches

It's time to maximize the outdoor experience by cooking and dining al fresco. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Recipes with Julie: Velji family beef biryani

The braised beef (and its juices) and a sheet pan of roasted potatoes go into the pot with crispy fried onions and enough water to allow it to cook down again without thickening too much. Although it seems elaborate, it’s not complicated.

This easy roast chicken highlights beauty of cooking with salt

Salt is one of the most important elements of good cooking. Here's how to use it to its full potential by roasting a chicken.

Recipes with Julie: Easter egg cream-filled Nanaimo bars and other spring flings

Julie Van Rosendaal shares a few can't miss Easter eats that will satisfy both the sweet tooth and the savoury palates in your household

Julie Van Rosendaal: Teenager feeding made easier

Parents of teenagers may be familiar with their hobbit-like eating habits: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, pre-lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, first dinner, second dinner and so on.

Julie Van Rosendaal's Newfoundland-style chow mein

A conversation with Globe and Mail food reporter and author Ann Hui, after reading her book, Chop Suey Nation, had me reconsidering a dish I haven’t given much thought to in years: a simple stir fry, or bowl of chop suey.

Bake the perfect birthday cake with Julie Van Rosendaal's tips

Baking shows and Instagram have raised the bar so high for homemade cakes, many would-be bakers are intimidated by the thought of making their own. But we've got you covered with some great recipes.

Guinness punch, anyone? Here are a few St. Patrick's Day dishes

St. Patrick's Day brings its own traditional recipes, and so many of them are classic late-winter comfort foods. Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate the holiday.

Master the perfect biscuit or scone with Julie Van Rosendaal's tips

The ability to make a flaky, crunchy-edged biscuit or light, cakey scone is a skill that reaps endless benefits. CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal offers her tricks and tips to help you get started.

Garlic-herb cashew cheese, vegan mac and cheese; bring on the fauxmage

As the demand for plant-based options grows around the world, more small businesses are popping up with faux cheeses, or fauxmage; and you can make your own.

Wine gummies, giant cookies and Dutch babies help show love this Valentine's Day

Food has always been associated with love, with being cared for and nourished, with socializing and celebrating. Here are a few ideas to mark Valentine's Day, from food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal.

The argument for MSG: Taste test, scientific research show additive is yummy and safe

The additive, MSG, has gotten some bad press but regulators consider it safe, and food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal makes an argument for including it in your cooking.

Healthy meals on-the-go to replace fast food this busy time of year

January tends to be make-it-yourself season, when we all try to save money and eat healthier by making our own meals. It's also a busy time of year when you need to save on time. Here's how to do both.
Year in Food Review

Julie Van Rosendaal's top food trends of 2018

CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal talks about the year in food trends.

CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive tops $1M goal on Blitz Day

Thank you, Calgary. This year's Blitz Day for the CBC Calgary Food Bank Drive topped the million-dollar goal, raising $1,146,331.

Tired of eggnog? Homemade horchata, Irish cream are tasty options for festive drinks

CBC food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal likes to have some eggnog in the fridge, but to serve, she likes to have a few alternatives on hand. When made by hand, horchata and Irish cream are a hit.

Sweet, savoury, cheesy snacks make for perfect holiday nibbles

Bar snacks have become more than just bowls of nuts set between barstools and jars of pickled eggs perched at the end of the bar.

The reverse Advent calendar aims to give rather than receive

You might remember it from years past, but CBC’s food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal is back with her reverse Advent calendar.

Busy holidays made easier by prepping treats, dinners in advance

Julie Van Rosendaal has friends who make soups and sauces, chop veggies and plan ahead on the weekend to avoid the dinnertime scramble. The same can be done in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Here's how.

Recipes reimagine porridge, hearty breakfast of childhood

Julie Van Rosendaal discovers there's more than one way to make a bowl of oatmeal or other grains taste delicious and fill you up.

Try these classic '80s recipes with truly timeless tastes

Some of recipes popular in the '80s are timeless and Julie Van Rosendaal shares a few throwbacks that will never go out of style.

Here's how to eat a quince while the fruit's in season

In the same family as apples and pears, they resemble knobbly, squat Bartlett pears, with a smooth, pale green skin that turns yellow as the fruit ripens.

Spice up Halloween with these spooky dishes

A lot of the dishes you see at this time of year are more gory than gratifying, but here are some Halloween-inspired meals that will get you in the spirit of things, and keep you well-fed however you’re spending the evening.

Julie Van Rosendaal revisits Alberta's most iconic onion recipe

Julie Van Rosendaal turns her attention to the workhorses of the kitchen, the allium family — onions, shallots, leeks, chives, garlic and others — in this week's recipe column.

Julie Van Rosendaal cooks up munchies for your cannabis cravings

There has been a lot of talk about new cannabis legislation coming into effect this week, and its ability to trigger the munchies.

Making soup without a recipe? Tastes like victory

Overwhelmed by Thanksgiving leftovers? Transform them into spectacular autumn soup.

Bite-sized Thanksgiving dinners helpful for guests and your leftovers

Thanksgiving is the holiday of food traditions, of roasting a turkey the same way your family has done for generations. Here are a few ways to deliver that experience in a new way.

Enormous winter squash become pies, salads and pockets of yummy

It's the season for enormous vegetables. A sunny summer has nurtured a harvest of huge zucchini and winter squash, even giant kale. Here are a few recipes to try.

Towers of cream puffs make croquembouche a delicious, fun dessert

Croquembouche translates to "crunches in the mouth," and it's a dessert close to food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal's heart.

Try apples in these autumn scones, muffins, pickles and pies

It's apple season and there are plenty of the fall favourite fruit to be found in Calgary backyards, public spaces and even dog parks.

Everything cookies, coriander chutney sandwiches shake up back-to-school lunches

Each September on top of geared up work, school and extracurricular schedules, parents are charged with the task of creating portable lunches to send off with their kids every day. Here are a couple ways to shake things up.

Breakfast stew, popcorn chicken and waffles make for hearty brunches

Brunch tends to be a social occasion, and even at home, it signifies a leisurely morning. Here are a couple yummy dishes to try out this weekend.

Savoury pairing of grilled eggplant dip and lagana a fun foray into Greek cuisine

CBC Food guide Julie Van Rosendaal recommends two recipes from the cookbook, Mazi: Modern Greek Food, by Christina Mouratoglou and Adrien Carré.

Delightfully fresh seafood ceviche perfect dish for light summer supper

Food columnist Julie Van Rosendaal takes a spin through the handy seafood cookbook, Off the Hook: Essential West Coast Seafood Recipes.

Long-forgotten favourites lettuce soup, honey flummery get new twist

In Something Old, Something New: Classic Recipes Revised, Tamar Adler reintroduces long-forgotten dishes, recognizing their potential and bringing them back into our current culinary consciousness.

Explore French cuisine with the family and these flaky croissants

CBC Calgary's food guide Julie Van Rosendaal pulls a French cuisine cookbook off her shelf to find simplified recipes for delicious dishes your family can make.

Spicy cheese Syrian fatayer a savoury sample of Islamic world cuisine

This cookbook is an epic volume, 300 recipes spread out over 500 pages, covering the cuisine and culinary culture of a quarter of the world's population.

No-bake chocolate 'rocks' are kid-friendly, nature-inspired summer treats

These no-bake chocolate cookies are good for kids to try out as they don't need an oven and they can get creative to make the treats look like different kinds of rocks.

Salmon gravlax and chocolatey granola bars inspired by legendary seaside inn

Julie Van Rosendaal's cookbook exploration takes on the legendary Wickanninish Inn in Tofino, which has produced some of the country's finest chefs.

A tour through Julie Van Rosendaal's cookbook shelf

Julie Van Rosendaal pulls some cookbooks off the shelf and discovers that there is something magical about getting recipes from a printed cookbook.

Crispy black bean and feta tacos easily tossed together for 'panic supper'

Everyone needs a few "panic suppers" in their repertoire to cobble together from whatever you happen to have in the kitchen for a last-minute dinner.

Bring back the wedge salad for a satisfying summer lunch, Julie Van Rosendaal urges

Salad's broad definition can include carrots, whipped cream and strawberries but Julie Van Rosendaal argues a wedge with iceberg lettuce is a satisfying return to tradition.

Level up your open fire cooking game with jalapeno poppers and roasties

Enlisting your fire pit to cook dinner can be daunting, but it's not much different than cooking over a gas- or charcoal-fired grill.