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David Gray and Angela Knight

About our on-air team

David Gray

David brings two decades of experience as a journalist, having covered stories around the world, focusing on Europe and North America. Raised in Calgary, David has been a TV reporter and host on CBC Newsworld and is a former anchor of CBC News at Six in Calgary. David has won a variety of national and international awards for his work, including a gold medal at the New York Festival of Festivals for best international documentary. Twitter: @graydio1

Angela Knight

Angela has worked in radio for many years and has a long history of service to communities. Besides her role on the Eyeopener, Angela leads CBC Calgary's highly successful outreach initiative, the CBC Do Crew, harnessing the efforts of our audience to do good work around Calgary. Twitter: @AngelaKnightCBC

Frequently asked questions

I have a great story idea I'd love to share! How do I pitch it?
The best way to pitch a story to the Eyeopener is to send us an email at eyeopener@cbc.ca. Due to the volume of email we receive, we can't reply directly to every pitch. If it's something we're able to pursue, we'll make sure to get back in touch with you.

I have a music suggestion for the show! How do I get it played?
We don't play a ton of music, and we can't play everything, but we're always willing to listen to your suggestions. We lean heavily towards tunes that are fun, upbeat, and peppy. If it'll help Calgarians get up and moving in the morning, we'll take it! Bonus points if it's a Canadian song.

Who wrote your theme song?
Our theme song (new as of January 2017) was written by local hip-hop group Dragon Fli Empire, based on their 2008 track C-G-Y.

I can't figure out what's being said off the top of your new theme! What are the words?
You're hearing the letters C-G-Y — title of the track.

I'm having radio reception issues — I think something's wrong with your signal.
Get in touch with us via phone, email or Twitter and let us know what you heard, when you heard it, and where you're listening from. We'll pass along this information to our technical crews.

I have another question that isn't listed here…
No problem! Send us a note at eyeopener@cbc.ca and we'll do our best to help you out.

Contact us

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