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Will weather wreck your weekend? New Environment Canada web tool aims to give earlier warnings on storms

Environment Canada is testing a new online tool that gives more notice of bad weather in prairie provinces, like the wind storm that tore through central Alberta early this week.

'Calgary might be the only city left standing': A glimpse into Olympic bid politics

Just how badly does the International Olympic Committee need Calgary? The Calgary Eyeopener asked Robert Livingstone, who runs a website that tracks Olympic bids, for some insight.

Plans to log in Kananaskis rile locals, environmental groups

A forested area in the south end of Kananaskis Country in Alberta is slated for logging this winter, prompting some nearby residents and environmental organizations to fight the plan.

Mother who learned about son's death in 'brutal' way teaches police about empathy

Shirley Thiessen was on holiday in California, celebrating her 23-year-old son’s recent marriage when she received the news no parent wants to hear. Now she help officers bring empathy and knowledge to the uncomfortable job of delivering death notifications.

Real Ski Report: Colder temperatures welcomed after warm week

Rain hit a number of hills this week, meaning skiers heading to the slopes for Family Day weekend won’t get the impressive conditions experienced last weekend. But there’s still some snow falling on the upper slopes — you just have to get to it.

Real Ski Report: Great conditions, but beware of the backcountry

Last weekend's snowstorm transformed mountain resorts into winter wonderlands for skiers, creating some of the best conditions of the season. And there is no shortage of that white stuff as we head into the weekend.

Skiers rejoice after 'snorkel-deep' snow buries resorts in B.C., Alberta

Skiers and snowboarders are revelling after a massive winter storm dumped more than a metre of new snow at some resorts in the Rocky Mountains and surrounding ranges.

Real Ski Report: Fresh snow expected to bring best skiing of season this weekend

After a week of not-so-great conditions, avid skiers are waxing up their powder skis in anticipation of this weekend's snowfall, says Paul Karchut in his weekly Real Ski Report.

Bye-bye, Urban Behaviours: Calgary Eyeopener gets new theme song

The start of the new year is as good a time as any to change the way listeners of the Calgary Eyeopener are signalled to the start of the show — it's getting a new theme song.

Wrinkly fingers, paper cut pain, tingling feet: What's going on in our bodies?

Ever wonder why our skin starts to look a prune after staying in the hot tub for too long? Or what’s really happening when our legs fall asleep? Dr. Raj Bhardwaj explained a few medical oddities on the Calgary Eyeopener.