Possible meteor streaks through Alberta sky

A meteor appeared to streak across Alberta's sky during the early evening on Saturday.

It was an unusual bright-sky sighting

Calgarian Tim Wiebe captured this shot of a meteor on his doorbell camera early Saturday evening. (Tim Wiebe)

A meteor appeared to streak across Alberta's sky during the early evening on Saturday.

Observers facing east saw a bright flash around 5:07 p.m. As of 8 p.m., there were nine unverified reports of fireball (a term for a bright meteor, usually caused by a larger object) sightings on the American Meteor Society (AMS) website. 

Calgarian Tim Wiebe captured the white streak of light through his doorbell camera. 

Others reacted to the sight on social media.

Another view was captured by Calgarian Stefan Helmer.

According to the AMS, it was an unusual time to see a meteor (which is the streak of light created by an object as it enters Earth's atmosphere). 

The society's meteor outlook states only two meteors are estimated to fall each hour for evening viewers in the northern hemisphere, and that less activity can be seen from urban areas or during daylight. 

Four sources of meteors (the alpha Antliids, February Epsilon Virginids, pi Hydrids and alpha Centaurids) were expected to hit peak activity this week, but all are considered fairly weak showers. The next large meteor shower is the Lyrids in April.

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