How a kitten and pig became inseparable after living under one roof

A Calgary woman's love of animals has led to her creating a miniature farm in her home — leading to two of the animals becoming inseparable.

Jody Fraser posts about her personal petting zoo on Facebook, Instagram

Find out how this kitten and pig became such good pals

8 months ago
It's almost straight out of Charlotte's Web, but this Wilbur's best friend is a little kitten named Billy. 0:57

A Calgary woman's love of animals has led to her creating a miniature farm in her home — leading to two of the animals becoming inseparable.

Jody Fraser, who lives just east of Calgary, moved to the countryside last year with her two cats, dog and turtle.

And because she now has the space, she decided to get some chickens as well.

"So that was the beginning of my fascination with all of the animals," she told the Calgary Eyeopener.

Wilbur the pot-bellied pig, who is now five-months-old, became best buds with a new 12-week kitten named Billy. (Jody Fraser)

All of the animals live under the same roof — except for the chickens — making them pretty close pals.

About three months ago, Fraser added a pig to the mix. 

"He's just the nicest little crazy pig ever and very, very low maintenance," she said. 

"I've always just loved the pigs. So it's kind of funny how now I have my own." 

While most get along, two of the species are especially close.

Wilbur the pot-bellied pig, who is now five-months-old, has become best buds with a new 12-week kitten named Billy.

"The two, just right from the beginning, became the best buddies ever. They just love each other. I'm not sure where it came from," she said.

Most of Fraser's pets get along, but the pig has formed an especially strong bond with the kitten. (Jody Fraser)

Not only do the two animals sleep with one another, but they also make sure one another is clean.

"The pig will clean the kitten, actually, and every once in a while you see the kitten actually cleaning the pig's ears. So it's kind of funny."

And because of how close the two are, she is unsure what to do once the pig gets bigger.

"I was only going to keep him in the house because he's still really little … but I was to put him outside in the spring," she said.

"I'm hoping that I do decide to still do that, but he's become part of the family now, so I don't see him going outside." 

What is it like having a pet pig?

Fraser says not only is Wilbur cleaner than her cats and dog, but he is also house trained.

"I have one of those kiddy pools and that's where he has to go," she said.

"But he originally started with the kitty litter box, but he was trained like within a day or two."

When he is not cuddling with Billy, Wilbur is outside with the chickens or being taken on walks.

"We have a little ramp that goes into my little yard where my chickens are and stuff, and he goes and runs and  plays with the chickens."

Since posting her little animal family updates, Fraser has become popular on Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok.

"Every day they do something silly. I have my camera out all the time, so I just post five or six pictures everyday of their craziness." 

Her pages feature all of the animals of the house, but viewers have come to really love Wilbur and Billy, so the pair may get their own account sometime soon.

And by spring you may just see another animal thrown into the mix.

"I can't bring any more animals in my house, obviously, because I would, of course."

"But I would love to get some goats and a donkey one day too maybe in the springtime for sure." 

You can follow Wilbur the Pig and Billy the Kitten on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to see more.

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With files from the Calgary Eyeopener.


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