Pickaxe murderer sentenced to life for teen's death

A man who swung a pickaxe at a garage party, killing a Calgary teenager, received an automatic life sentence on Wednesday.

A man who swung a pickaxe at a garage party, killing a Calgary teenager, received an automatic life sentence on Wednesday.

Judge Earl Wilson ruled that Marko Miljevic will have no eligibility for parole for a minimum of 10 years, the minimum sentence for second-degree murder. However, given time already served, Milkevic will be able to apply for parole in eight and a half years.

A jury earlier found Miljevic, 20, guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Matt McKay.

"Ten years is fine, [but] I wish it would have been more," said Ken McKay, the victim's father, outside court on Wednesday.

"There is not going to be any happiness for me, because I lost my boy. Marko there, he can still, hopefully, change his life around."

Judge calls killer immature, spoiled

McKay died at a party in a garage in the Queensland area on Sept. 29, 2007. Miljevic, who was high on cocaine and drunk, hit him in the head with a pickaxe following a minor dispute.

Judge Wilson said Wednesday it is incomprehensible why Miljevic killed McKay, a teenager who wasn't armed and wasn't threatening anyone. He called Miljevic immature and spoiled, with his main accomplishments in life so far apparently being partying, drinking and doing drugs. 

But Wilson said Miljevic can still salvage his future if he grows up, furthers his education and uses programs in prison to develop skills.

Miljevic's family members didn't have any comment outside court.

"He's resigned to the situation," said defence lawyer Allan Fay. "He's in the hands of the prison officials, and they will do with him as they will."

Miljevic apologized in court on Tuesday to the victim's friends and family, saying it was an accident.

"I'm very sorry to put you all through this ordeal," said a tearful Miljevic.