Petition aims to stop McDonald's planned for Lakeview strip mall

A proposal to build a McDonald’s restaurant at Lakeview Plaza has prompted some community members to circulate a petition against it.

Community association says new fast-food outlet would make congestion worse in southwest Calgary neighbourhood

There is a proposal to build a McDonald's restaurant on this vacant lot at Lakeview Plaza. But the local community association is circulating a petition to try to stop it, arguing it would worsen traffic congestion. (CBC)

A proposal to build a McDonald’s restaurant at Lakeview Plaza has prompted some community members to circulate a petition against it.

The fast-food chain wants to open a new location at the northeast corner of the strip mall on the former site of a gas station, said Lakeview Community Association president Allie Tulick.

She said it would create more traffic congestion in an area that’s already having problems.

“To put a drive-thru right at that main intersection when you enter at those lights will create an unbelievable amount of traffic and the roads aren't designed for that. This is a residential area for local traffic.”

Tulick said when Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail get backed up, hundreds of motorists try to cut through Lakeview.

McDonald’s had community meetings planned

A spokesman for McDonald’s Canada said the proposal is still in the early stages and the company always tries to work directly with local associations in an effort to fit in with the community.

"In addition to meeting with the local councillor weeks ago, we scheduled separate sessions with both involved community associations for later this month to hear any concerns they may have, and also ensure they have access to the facts," said McDonald’s spokesperson John Gibson.

"We respect everyone’s right to an opinion but are disappointed that a group of residents have made up their minds without the benefit of a discussion first."

The company plans to commission a third-party study to see how traffic operates in the area and identify any impacts of the site development.

Gibson said previous research has shown drive-thru visits often don't generate significant additional traffic because many vehicles are already on the road.

He said the restaurant would also bring roughly 80 jobs to the neighbourhood. The association is collecting petition signatures until the end of the month.