Someone let the dogs out in downtown Calgary this weekend

Pooches of all ages and sizes soaked up the sun this weekend during the largest pet festival on the West Coast.

Pooches both big and small soak up the sun during the largest pet festival on the West Coast

Selfie time! This couple and their cute canine take a break from all the action to smile for the camera. (Rachel Maclean/CBC)

The largest pet festival on the West Coast came back to Calgary this weekend, and dog lovers were in heaven.

This was the fifth year for Pet-a-Palooza, which also has shows in Victoria, Vancouver and even in Scottsdale, Ariz. —  the state with the highest percentage of dog owners at a 47.9 per cent ownership rate, according to the festival.

"We are so excited to be back," said organizer Jordan Illingworth. "We love Calgary. It's definitely our biggest festival that we've got."

She says the festival continues to grow each year, thanks to all their sponsors and fans of furry four-legged companions in the city.

Missed a chance to stop by? Check out what went down over the weekend below.

It was pretty hot

This bulldog gets some relief from the heat — which hit 26 C on Saturday, according to Environment Canada.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

There were lots of puppies

The Puppy Stampede races may not have gone exactly as planned, as the puppies were a little distracted, but it was highly entertaining.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

And puppy smooches

This volunteer, collecting signatures for a petition against animal testing, gets some puppy love.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

Barking buddies

This little pooch probably met a lot of new friends during its Pet-a-Palooza experience. 

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

Lots of water

This dock dog was one of many testing out their water skills. The festival even offered a formal competition for anyone who wanted to sign up their four-legged companion.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC) (Rachel Maclean/CBC)

More smooches

There were plenty of kissing booth opportunities throughout the festival booths, and lots of charities — such as the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) — with dogs looking for forever homes.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

And more puppies

This adorable little puppy is a small dog in a big world.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

A little pampering

One of these PADS puppies is getting a pedicure, while the other relaxes in a massage. The Pacific Assistance Dogs Society trains service dogs for people across the country.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

And prizes

These pro waterdogs pose with their proud owners after taking the big leap into a full-sized dock pool.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

Did we say puppies?

This cutie couldn't wait to check out the festival booths and all the free samples.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

More water

This pair of pooches cool off in the water mister with their owners as they take in the sights and sounds. Water was provided everywhere for the dogs to beat the heat, including puppy pools and even a unicorn fountain.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

Water break

This must be the largest water bowl this pup has ever seen.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

A splash of fashion

This very tall greyhound even had a Swarovski crystal dog collar.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)

Time to cool off

Did you know dogs have sweat glands in their paws? (Although they mainly sweat by panting). This section of the festival was kept full of water so the dogs could cool off as temperatures soared.

(Rachel Maclean/CBC)