Peace Bridge builders want more money

The company that built the Peace Bridge wants more money from the city despite a 17-month delay in completing the project.

Graham Construction was 17 months late in completing the pedestrian bridge

Graham Construction is asking for more money following delays on Peace Bridge construction. (CBC)

The company that built Calgary's Peace Bridge wants more money from the city despite a 17-month delay in completing the project.

The controversial pedestrian bridge, which cost the city $25 million, opened last March.

Graham Construction is saying the delay and additional work cost the company considerably more than what it was paid by the city.

Ald. Druh Farrell said the city agreed to a fixed price contract with Graham Construction and there is no intention of putting more money into the project now.

"I'm very disappointed in Graham Construction," Farrell said. "We do have a fixed price contract and as far as council is concerned, in our discussions, that is binding."

Despite the delays, Ald. Gord Lowe says he is not aware of any obligation on the city to pay additional costs.

"Given the delays, I'm not surprised the parties involved are looking at what happened and why and looking for restitution," Lowe said. "In as far as I know, the city had a fixed price contract."