Paul Karchut

CBC Calgary

Paul has been with CBC since 2005. He's the director of the Calgary Eyeopener and CBC Calgary's ski and outdoor lifestyle reporter.

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What your car knows about you — and what it's telling others

The advances in connected cars is remarkable, bolstering the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers. But the data they gather is plentiful — and that has privacy advocates raising a red flag.

Iconic reminder of Calgary's 1988 Olympics won't be part of 2026 bid

Management at Winsport says interest in ski jumping is waning and it can't afford to repair and manage the legacy facilities.

Bobsled track almost good to go if Calgary hosts 2026 Winter Olympics

Of all the legacy Olympic venues in Calgary, the bid exploration committee may be least worried about the sliding track for bobsleigh, luge and skeleton.

Opinions split on best alpine ski hill for potential 2026 Calgary Winter Olympics

No Olympic bid has been submitted yet but already opinions are split: would Nakiska or Lake Louise be more appropriate to host ski events?

Calgary's legacy Olympic Oval needs some TLC for potential 2026 Winter Games

Calgary may bid to host the 2026 Olympic Winter Games, and is expected to pitch its existing athletic venues, many of which were built when the city hosted the Games in 1988.

The mountains as temple: A pilgrimage to Alberta's Rockies

“It is a place that opens the mind to introspection, awe and an ever-expanding sense of wonder.” Paul Karchut journeys to the mountains, to talk to people about how they experience it as a place of awe. A sacred space.

The Outdoor Report's greatest hits from the past 10 years of hiking

Outdoor Report correspondent Paul Karchut selects 10 of his favourites as he marks a decade of exploring Alberta's outdoor destinations.

Outdoor Report: Mummery Glacier is like 'being in a Lord of the Rings movie'

Paul Karchut talks about hiking on the Mummery Glacier, an epic walk through the Blaeberry Valley.

Outdoor Report: View the Frank Slide from the top of Turtle Mountain

If you’ve ever drive down to Crowsnest Pass before you’ll have noticed — it’s hard to miss — that huge, Frank Slide.

Outdoor Report: Trail runners dash over quiet Lethbridge grassland coulees

Hikers are heading south to the coulees around Lethbridge, Alta., where a burgeoning community of trail runners is enjoying the landscape.

Outdoor Report: Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park tops family hike list

If the Calgary Stampede has given you a taste for exploring Alberta's western heritage, this week's Outdoor Report has a recommendation for your next outing.

Outdoor Report: Mountain hikes for those short on time

Memorial Lakes offers that raw mountain experience — and you can still get back home for your evening obligations.

Origins of 'eh': How 2 little letters came to define Canadians

Stereotype or not, it's a word Canadians are famous for — two simple letters baked into the tail end of so many of our sentences. But few realize "eh" actually predates the country's creation by a century or more.

Real Ski Report: And then there were 3

Sunshine, Lake Louise and Nakiska your only options if you want to get in some spring skiing this weekend.

The psychology of a cranky trip to Costco

What happens to otherwise pleasant people when they cross the threshold into the big box world? It turns out we're hard wired to act like hunter-gatherers when we get into stores like Costco.