Chopper video of men gunned down in Superstore parking lot too much for father of victim

Video played in court showing two shooting victims lying in pools of blood was too much for the father of one of the men gunned down in a Superstore parking lot.

Christian Ouellette and Blais Delaire accused of killing Colin Reitberger, Anees Amr

Anees Amr, left, and Colin Reitberger were fatally shot in a Superstore parking lot in 2017. Reitberger was the intended target. (Facebook/Reitberger family)

Video played in court showing two shooting victims lying in pools of blood was too much for the father of one of the men gunned down in a Superstore parking lot.

Colin Reitberger's father stormed out of the courtroom Monday shouting "f--king mother f--kers" at the men on trial, accused of killing his son.

The footage, taken from the Calgary Police Service helicopter, was played on Day 1 of Christian Ouellette and Blais Delaire's trial. It shows witnesses and first responders tending to the victims in the minutes after the 2017 shooting.

Ouellette is charged with two counts of first-degree murder while Delaire faces two charges of manslaughter in the May 2017 deaths of Reitberger, 23, and Anees Amr, 26.

Christian Ouellette was convicted of first-degree and second-degree murder in the shooting deaths of two men in a southeast Superstore parking lot in May 2017. (Facebook)

On May 21, 2017, Reitberger and Amr were at a barbecue at a friend's house in the southeast community of McKenzie Towne. 

Reitberger told his girlfriend he needed to leave briefly to meet up with someone," according to an agreed statement of facts read aloud by prosecutor Katherine Love. 

Amr left with Reitberger.

Ouellette had "animosity toward Reitberger," said Love in her opening statement.

Delaire is accused of helping Ouellette buy a gun and "providing advice as to how Ouellette should kill Colin Reitberger."

Ouellette, according to the Crown's theory, was the shooter.

'Bang, bang, bang'

There were numerous witnesses who were at the Superstore the day of the shooting.

Two sets of parents testified on Monday, Day 1 of the trial. 

Darryl and Jody Dziadyk were leaving the store with their teenage son, who was just learning to drive, behind the wheel. 

"We hear bang bang, bang, bang, bang, bang," said Darryl.

Then Jody shouted "Oh my god, somebody's been shot."

Darryl testified that he saw one man scrambling to get away.

Witness takes photos of fleeing car 

When the parents realized the car believed to be the shooter's was behind them, Darryl yelled at his son to "go, go, go." 

"I didn't know if they had seen us witness what had happened," said Darryl.

They headed to a nearby parking lot as the silver Pontiac drove toward Deerfoot Trail. 

Meanwhile, Claudio and Shelly Gorsedin had been at the garden centre with their 13-year-old son when they heard the gunshots.

Claudio testified he saw someone get into a vehicle near one of the downed victims.

The car then drove over the victim before it headed toward the Gorsedins, who then ran across the street and took cover.

Shelly pulled out her phone and began taking photos of the Pontiac as it drove by. The Gorsedins then returned to the parking lot to hand over their photos to police. 

"We had maybe some useful evidence for the officers," she said.

The Dziadyk family also returned to help the victims after calling 911.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Earl Wilson is presiding over the judge-alone four-week trial. 

Ouelette is represented by defence lawyer Balfour Der, with Susan Karpa representing Delaire.



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